Taking the Via Emilia 9 Route

By Melanie Galarce

Via Emilia 9 Ristorante Italiano (1120 15th St, Miami Beach) is a charming Italian restaurant on South Beach that offers authentic regional cuisine – all ingredients are imported from Italy with the exception of fruits, vegetables, flour and eggs. This modern, yet rustic and charming place has received notoriety from some of our faves like Anthony Bourdain who said, “the pasta at Via Emilia is much, much better than good.” It’s that kind of testimony that goes a far way in our little foodie book and gets us excited about our growing foodie community in Miami.

Menu highlights: Here’s a run down of all the carb gluttony Mitch and I consumed during our scrumptious visit to Via Emilia 9. We kicked things off with a Parma Ham and Cheese platter, the perfect little start to our big Italian meal.

Any Italian meal should also start with a plate of pasta and the Tortellini in Broth is probably a smart choice at Via Emilia 9. Usually, this belly button shaped pasta is stuffed with cheese, but this particular Via Emilia 9 interpretation brings five ingredients: prosciutto, pork, pasta, mortadella, and parmesan. The combination is one you’ll remember even after you’ve left the quaint restaurant.

Another pasta dish you should most definitely try is the Tagliatelle al Prosciutto di Parma. A traditional type of pasta from the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy (for which the restaurant is named after). The pasta dish is a bit on the saltier side with the fresh slices of prosciutto, but it thoroughly bursts with just the right amount of bold flavors accompanied by the smooth, silky pasta.

The last dish we enjoyed was dessert, more specifically the Homemade Chocolate Cake with mascarpone (that’s the same Italian cream cheese that you’ll find in tiramisu). By now you all know I’m not a huge fan of dessert, but this can probably convert a few skeptics.

Standout dish: No doubt the dish de resistance was the Pumpkin Cappellaci. The perfectly folded pasta had the most delightful pumpkin stuffing, alongside cheese. The combination did an excellent job at balancing out the sweetness of the pumpkin. It must also be told that this, along with the other dishes, was the most perfect of portions. Not too much, not too little. You always felt like you got enough of these perfectly thought-out dishes.

Are we boozing? We are most definitely wining and dining. Via Emilia 9 offers a wide variety of red, white, and sparkling wines – all from Italy. Prices are very well spread out; you can splurge on $170 bottle or call it a girls’ night with a conservative $25 bottle.

Check this place out if you like: Anything pasta. Most recently one of our fave pasta spots was Jack’s in Wynwood. Both have similarities, but the common denominator here is damn good Italian food.

Mel’s take: If you like authentic, homemade Italian pasta without the over-the-top American extravaganza, Via Emilia 9 is the perfect place to visit. I’m a sucker for fresh pasta and this was as good as it gets. They actually have a sfoglina (female pasta-making matriarch) that hand makes the pasta near a corner window to lure in customers, and I can’t think of a more glorious tourist trap. Although Via Emilia 9 is not in what we’d call the South Beach “hot zones,” a short trip off 15th and Alton will ensure that you have the most memorable and delectable Italian meal in town and that’s always worth a small diversion.


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