Toro Toro Touchdown

When was the last time you dined at the ubiquitous bottomless brunch in Miami without having to sacrifice a little something? I’m always petrified (slight exaggeration) to try these all-inclusive meal deals. Whether it’s the location, food selection or quality, it seems that I have to compromise on something if I’m looking for endless mimosas and a top-notch experience. However, fret no more because that’s all changed with Toro Toro. Renowned and award-winning Chef, Richard Sandoval, has aptly brought his signature Latin American cuisine to South Florida in hopes of converting us all to fans and restoring our faith in the hybrid meal consumed on weekends.

With a small-plate menu, meant to share and indulge in a variety of foods, Toro Toro’s all-you-can-eat brunch is a flat fee of $35. Let’s not forget this amazing deal is also inclusive of bottomless brunch cocktails! Excitement began the moment I sat down and saw the menu. Immediately, I began to order a plethora of small plates that would soon enough be devoured. I’ll start by highlighting the most memorable dishes beginning with the Mexican City Style Hot dog. The dish is Chef Sandoval’s take on the traditional American favorite, except this hot dog was a chorizo wrapped in bacon, with black beans, pickled chiles and a dab of creamy slaw. It was strong and tasty and full of rich flavors, with just the right kick to it.

After a successful first dish, Galarce (the bf) and I munched on the Pan de Bono (cheesy, buttery bread.) If you’re from Miami you damn well know what this is, and you’ll also know that it seems to be the trend in replacement of bread these days (i.e. The District and Tongue and Cheek.) Our Pan de Bono was followed by the Short Rib Arepa Benedict, a crispy dough arepa (traditional Colombian corn cake) with braised short rib that was accompanied by a poached egg and chili sauce. I’ll guiltily admit to ordering three, yes, three small plates of the Short Rib Arepas Benedicts. Needless to say if given the chance, I’d order a few more. The Short Rib Arepas are a must.

Other stand-out dishes include, Cachapas, corn pancakes topped with melted cheese and tomato jam and Picadillo Empanada, Sandoval’s take on the traditional Latin American pastry stuffed with ground beef and raisins. We ended our gluttonous journey at Toro Toro with the Mexican Chocolate Waffle. A soft, savory dessert with chocolate, Nutella, slices of banana and fresh cream ice cream neatly nestled on top of a warm, puffy waffle.

Mel’s recommendation: Great spot to bring out-of-towners with it being across from Bayside and getting your bucks worth. The really crappy part of this whole deal is that it has a 2-hour limit. Although in retrospect, that might actually be a good thing.


Standout Dishes
Mexican City Style Hot Dog
Short Rib Arepa Benedict

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