The Brick Breaks into South Miami

By Melanie Galarce

The Brick Restaurant, located in Downtown Dadeland (8955 SW 72nd Pl), is a quaint and charming farm-to-table dining experience in Kendall. Upon arrival you should expect an open kitchen design and décor that resembles a rustic backyard with restored beams and patio lights neatly sprinkled throughout the main dining area. The place has backyard goals written all over it (except it’s indoors).

Menu highlights: The menu was created by award-winning chef, Allen Susser, and offers an array of Southern homestyle dishes with a twist, of course. Mitch and I kicked things off with the House-made Mozzarella Board, which included grilled bread, pickled vegetables, roasted garlic, and a carefully curated array of cheese, to launch a great meal.

As part of our entree experience we had the Pan Roasted Monkfish and Smoked Gouda Grits that tasted more like a hybrid of delicious creamy mashed potatoes and Mac and Cheese. I’m not a big fan of grits but this cheesy, velvety rendition might have been one of the highlights of our meal.

We also went on to try the Grass-Fed Hanger Steak with Cauliflower Mac and cheese, Roasted Tomatoes and Chimichurri. I personally love the hanger cut and its extremely rich flavor. It’s been said that its close proximity to the cow’s kidneys is what gives the steak that distinct opulent flavor. This cut particularly came with a unique crafted Cauliflower Mac and Cheese adding another touch of originality to the plate to make it come together very nicely.

To close the night we also indulged in the Blondie Affogato, which contrary to other desserts will most probably serve as a pick-me-up since the brownie and vanilla ice cream are lathered in espresso by the kind waiting staff.

Standout dish: The real MVP of the night was the Chicken Biscuit Slider. The biscuit is the stuff that carb lovers will dream about. A crunchy, buttery outer layer that fluffs the moment you take a bite into the pillow of perfect dough. During our meal, Mitch proudly admitted that these were better than his favorite at Popeye’s. #truestory

Are we boozing? Don’t let the suburbs fool you. We’re definitely boozing with craft signature cocktails, some of which are named “cocktails with a conscience,” which, quite frankly, makes us all feel a little better about cocktail number two.

Check this place out if you like: Yardbird Southern Table and Bar. They’re both farm-to-table concepts with a really heavy Southern influence. So you can enjoy fried chicken without too much guilt. Kinda.

Mel’s take: I’m a bit of a stranger when it comes to Kendall, but I was excited to find that there are some great places starting to pop-up that feel different. The Brick brings the authenticity of Southern hospitality to this neighborhood and has raised the bar in suburbia. I thought The Brick was the perfect spot for a cozy date night or even a girl’s night out. I’m a big fan of the unassuming charm the place has and I’m rooting for it to become a neighborhood favorite.


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