Miami Tastemaker – Jeff Latulippe

Jeff Latulippe, Co-Founder & General Manager, DIRT
Jeff is a former Wall Street private equity executive and a health enthusiast who after embracing a healthy lifestyle lost a third of his body weight. After years of helping others successfully grow their business, he got the entrepreneurial bug and decided to pursue his passion of healthy eating with his own venture. We met Jeff a few weeks back when we dropped by DIRT to check out their much talked-about menu. He was attentive and incredibly detailed about DIRT’s seasonal menu, locally sourced ingredients and nutritional value. He’s one of the reason we love coming to DIRT so much and why we approached him about participating in our Tastemakers series.

Read more to learn about the DIRT menu from the founder himself in the interview below. You’ll discover what talent he’d most like to have and why pizza makes the top of the extravagance list. 

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Whole Foods Market Downtown Whole-y Embraces Miami

When the long-awaited Whole Foods Market opened last month in Downtown Miami we were excited, but also a little skeptical. We love our Whole Foods as much as the next foodies, but did we really need another expensive, health nut, national chain store coming in to our hood? Wasn’t the local trend taking over? What about the farmers markets? How much more congestion could the Downtown/Brickell traffic nightmare take?

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Zak the Baker and Bread Messiah

Kickstarter campaigns are ubiquitous nowadays. Veronica Mars is coming to a theatre near you and entrepreneurs everywhere rejoice that the Internet is making their dreams come true in increments of $5, $25 and $100. But, most importantly, the crowdfunding site is also to thank for Miami’s new bread master, Zak the Baker.

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