Pizza Party

By Mitchell Nover

I know that May is National Hamburger Month and National BBQ Month, but artificial foodie holidays be damned… I’m in the mood for pizza! So, when it comes to pizza, we all know that Miami is not New York, and that’s perfectly fine. I get it, people looooove NY pizza. There’s something in the water, yada yada yada. But, how about a little diversity, foks? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that’s what makes Miami’s food scene so great: diversity in food. Including, you guessed it, pizza. That’s why I’ve but together a quick round-up of some of my recent Miami favorites – from a classic Cuban pizza joint to a a couple of new Neapolitan outposts to, yes, a NYC-style hipster hangout. Bet you can’t get that combo in the Five Boroughs, can you?

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The Avenue – A British Love Affair

By Melanie Galarce

A few weeks ago, I was invited to try Chef Andy Bates’ latest pop-up concept of his British restaurant, The Avenuein the heart of Wynwood at Miam Cafe. You might know Chef Bates of local notoriety after winning the local competition, “The Search for Miami’s Next Great Restaurant Concept.” Although plans have slightly changed for Chef Bates, the one thing that still remains strong is his love of British food and his intention of sharing it with the Miami foodie community.

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A Fowl Feast in Wynwood

As we all know by now, Miami has been really coming into its own over the past few years, with a community that is coming together more and more over a collective love and desire for cultural and culinary creativity. On the food front we’ve seen a new crop of restaurants opening up, concepts are highlighting local ingredients and flavors, and our food festivals are focusing less on celebrity and more on local talent. Leading that charge for years now, has been Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, chef/owner of gastroPod Miami and creator of the popular PIG (Pork is Good) events that for the past six years has brought together some of Miami’s most exciting chefs to showcase the power of the mighty pig. But now, he’s set his sights on a different protein: fowl. And, this past Saturday this group of hungry gourmands gathered together for a delicious game of Duck Duck Goose in Wynwood.

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MMTM’s Mother’s Day Picks 2016

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, foodies! And, while we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves prior to Friday’s Foodie Friday – Local Edition post, we thought it best to prepare for this coming Sunday – the one day each year where we quit our whining, complaining, and pestering and treat our moms they way they deserve to be treated. Yep, that’s right, you officially have five days left to make your Mother’s Day reservations and as our gift to you, to help you prepare your gift to her, we’ve compiled a list of ten dining options that are sure to make Mom smile this weekend.

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Wynwood Yard Brings Culture & Food to Miami

Long are the days in Miami where anywhere ‘cool’ entailed an over-the-top experience with hefty price tags and pretentious stares. Slowly, but surely, our city has achieved a personality that goes beyond the tourism and ambition that infiltrate South Beach. We can know stand strong on the map of major cities in America with a bit of culture and substance. I attribute much of that growth to neighborhoods like Wynwood.

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Foodie Friday

You’ve made it to the weekend foodie friends! Can you believe it’s the last Friday of the month? How did that happen? Spring break has come and gone and it’s starting to feel like summer these days. There’s been a plethora of buzz around the Miami culinary scene and we’ve been busy at work to trying to keep up so we can report back to you! While we munch away on all the goodness, we leave you with our weekly foodie link pack and wish you an adventurous weekend!

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#FoodieFriends – Meme Menu

Everybody loves PK Banks. He moved to Miami from NYC almost 2 years ago, leaving behind the world of investment banking to start Meme Menu, a restaurant discovery app and restaurant mobile publishing platform that uses the power of images and curated content to make dining decisions easy.

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GK Bistronomie Puts Art and Flavor on the Plate in Wynwood

The Wynwood Arts District just got a little artsier with the arrival of the new GK Bistronomie. GKB is bringing food art to the neighborhood best known for its street art, offering visitors something to admire on the plate and savor on the palate.

GKB is a Peruvian-inspired restaurant with flares of Asian and other Latin cuisines. Helmed by acclaimed chef/owner and Peru native, Rafael Perez, the restaurant and bar has been making an impact during its first few weeks on the scene, providing the area with a much-needed, elevated dining establishment.

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#MiamiSpiceMonday – Alter

This edition of #MiamiSpiceMonday is a special one. It’s not only our last Miami Spice review since the season comes to an end, but we’ll also be sharing a lunch experience rather than the dinner journeys we’ve been telling you about for the last two months.

This review takes us to heart of Wynwood and a 65-seat restaurant by the audacious name of Alter. It’s the brainchild of Chef Brad Kilgore, who sports an impressive resume that includes gigs at J&G Grill at Bal Harbour and Azul.

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