By Sophia Costabal

Question: What’s the best way to celebrate the fact that Miami is going to be getting its very own European-style food market?

Answer: By launching a three-part collaborative dinner series leading up to the grand opening; in the very location of the market-to-be!

Miami’s historic Fire Station No.2 will soon become the FIREHOUSE MRKT (1401 North Miami Avenue, Miami), featuring two restaurants, a cafe bakery, a salumeria and a dispensa (aka a tapas bar), among other things. Yes, that is a lot of Spanish inspired fare. Why? Because this passion project is the vision of the chefs behind the Spanish hit restaurant Triciclo, Javier Goya and Javier Mayor, who also happen to be opening a new restaurant, TANDEM by Triciclo, inside FIREHOUSE MRKT this September.

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Foodie Friday – Local Edition

Foodie friends, can you believe we’re already 25% in to 2017??? The first few months of the year are always a whirlwind around here with food festivals and restaurant openings, and a ton of special foodie events. While not letting up completely, things are starting to slow down a little bit as we start to approach the summer months and we’re happy to bet getting a little bit of a reprieve. That said, there’s still plenty to see and do, eat and drink this month. Below is our regular round-up of the best of the Miami food scene this month. Enjoy!

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