STK is a big WIN

By Melanie Galarce

Most out-of-towners tend to have one general thought about Miami: it’s so sexy. Well, they’re probably right. Everything in our city tends to be on the risqué and slightly cooler side. As so, a sexy steakhouse is a must for us locals and that’s exactly what STK has established in Miami (should also be noted the sexiness spills over to its many locations across the world). STK is an ultrachic, modern steakhouse that offers a sophisticated menu that will not disappoint your taste buds. More than just a culinary experience, you can also expect a cool ambience, an in-house DJ (*during pre-determined hours) and modern, fun décor.

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The Return of #MiamiSpiceMonday with BLT Prime

By: Melanie Galarce

It’s August 1st, and that means the official start of the ever-popular culinary program: Miami Spice. For those of you who have recently settled into Miami as home, Miami Spice is sort of like the Mecca for foodies in the 305. The concept is simple; some of the most established restaurants in Miami offer pre-set lunch and dinner menus giving you a sneak peek into establishments that may have otherwise been out of your reach. Mitch and I love everything about Miami Spice, and the opportunity it lends foodies to discover our city. As such, MMTM is bringing back our summer series, #MiamiSpiceMonday. Every Monday from now until the end of September (to coincide with the end of the program,) we will share a Miami Spice experience in hopes that it will help you navigate the culinary tour de force that takes over our city.

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New Look Morton’s

Growing up, Morton’s was my family’s go-to special occasion dining destination. Whether to celebrate graduations, Father’s Day, or birthdays, off to Morton’s we went and usually to my dismay. See, the thing was, back then I wasn’t the foodie I am today. I wouldn’t say I was straight up picky, but I was most definitely not a meat-and-potatoes kind of kid. And forget about spinach, mushrooms, or broccoli (unless there was Cheez Whiz on it). On top of it, the vibe was very heavy, dark, and overly fancy, which meant my mom would make me dress up for dinner. It was just an old-school place that I never felt like I could fully relate to.

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Steak Brasil Booms in Downtown Miami

If you haven’t been to a Brazilian steakhouse in Miami we’ll let you in on the lowdown. The process is simple, pay an upfront fee per person (usually anywhere from $30 to $60, depending on the restaurant and meal options) and then you’re off to enjoy a gluttonous journey of unlimited amounts of food. You have options to explore at the salad bar, a myriad of servers will make their way to your table offering several cuts of meat, and then you’ll have a plethora of sides to go along with the monstrous amount of food already on your plate. Once you feel like you’re ready to roll out of the restaurant, you’ll venture to the dessert table because you’re too far in to call it quits, and quite frankly, what’s another 5 pounds at this point?

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