La Santa Taqueria is Answering Miami’s Taco Prayers

By Mitchell Nover

Opened in July 2017, La Santa Taquería is (currently) a pop-up slinging authentic Mexican street tacos all around Miami as they build up to their own grand concept of a mezcal and tequila bar. Helmed by Chef Omar Montero – whose name you may recognize from La Veinte Deli & Café, Copper 29, and Unique Catering Design – the concept of La Santa came to life after he searched high and low for a little piece of his hometown of Mexico City  in South Florida. After creating the menu concepts for the aforementioned restaurants, an entrepreneurial spirit was sparked in Chef Omar, leading him to opening La Santa as his first personal project. I visited at their most recent location at the Midtown Garden Center for a very special #TacoTuesday experience surrounded by lush greenery and artistic murals.

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SoCal, So Good

It’s safe to say that the crew over at MMTM headquarters has an established affinity for tacos. If I could, I would probably assign a food group to the universe of tacos and justify ungodly consumption of said food. However, much to my dismay, tacos have been done before, a million different ways, and it’s increasingly difficult to find any novelty in a taco shop or feel like it’s not trying too hard. That said, the trend lingers on and every few months it seems we have a new taco place popping up. Most of these restaurants are pretty darn good (and some are mediocre,) but every now and then you stumble across one in particular that is so good, it makes you want to put on a sombrero.

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