Jump Start Your “New You” This New Year with The Yielding Seed

By Mitchell Nover

For all those foodies out there looking to jump start their “New Year, New You,” The Yielding Seed is a meal delivery plan that features real, wholesome, seasonally-inspired food. While not a weight loss program, the focus is on feel good, fresh soul food. The Yielding Seed takes great pride in providing chef-prepared, freshly-made meals each and every day for each and every client, and, to ensure they are able to do just that, they cap their weekly members at a maximum of 250 people to ensure complete satisfaction. There are different levels of membership options, ranging from $100 a week for lunch and dinner up to $540 a month for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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DIRT Brings Clean Eating to South Beach

Imagine a world where food can be healthy, fast, and tasty at the same time! No, this isn’t the plot line of some freaky food-fetish flick, it’s an actual thing. And it’s right here in Miami at the new South Beach fast casual hotspot, DIRT. Located on Fifth Street between Collins and Washington Avenues, DIRT’s mission is simple and straightforward: to create innovative, delicious, healthy cuisine that you can feel good about putting into your body. That’s right, DIRT is here to bring clean eating to the Magic City.

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