Etaru Excels with an Eclectic Eating Experience

By Caitlin Marino

Hidden behind the Hyde and Hallandale Beach Water Tower, ETARU (111 South Surf Rd, Hallandale Beach) is vibrantly coming up to make its name known amongst its upscale neighborhood and within Miami’s Japanese culinary scene through a noticeable dash of contemporary glitz and killer oceanfront views.

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MYUMI is Food Truck Fresh

Omakase is a time honored Japanese style of dining that essentially offers the chef the choice of what sushi to serve you based on what he feels best represents his skills. Food trucks are a modern way for start-up restaurateurs to get their food out to the masses and are perhaps one of the biggest trends in contemporary American cuisine. Most would say that these two things should be kept far, far away from each other, but Myumi – a new sushi food truck in Wynwood, of course – is taking on that notion by serving up an innovative sushi experience that our city has never seen before.

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