A Bigger, Bolder Barley

By Santiago Cardona

Welcome to Barley, the newest focal point of Downtown Dadeland. Some of you may be saying that this restaurant has existed in Miami for a few years now, and that is true. But the thing is, it just moved to a new location, and this joint has received a major upgrade that is in line with any Kardashian facelift.

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Burlock Brunch & A Daycation Up the Coast

By Mitchell Nover

It certainly seems like the MMTM team has been on a bit of a brunch kick lately. With recent brunch visits to Nikki Beach, Pinch, Izzy’s, and Drunken Dragon, Sundays (and sometimes Saturdays) have unofficially become our favorite day of the week. However, a recent (and rare) trip outside of Miami-Dade County gave whole new meaning to #SundayFunday when I took a “daycation” to the Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale for brunch at Burlock Coast.

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Let them eat Cake…Thai Kitchen

It’s no secret that good Asian food offerings in Miami are few and far between. The best are usually too expensive and the worst are most often grossly Americanized (or in Miami’s case, Cubanized) takes on cultural cuisine. So, when I hear about new restaurants being described as “authentic” my interest generally gets piqued pretty darn quickly. Such was the case with Cake Thai Kitchen, a new take on Thai street food, from former Makoto cook, Phuket “Cake” Thongsodchareondee.

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