Seagrape’s Summer Tasting Series Won’t Kill Your Beach Bod

By Mitchell Nover

When Seagrape recently launched its new Summer Tasting Series, you could almost hear the collective gasp emanate up and down South Beach. That’s right, they launched a Miami Spice-esque prix fixe menu in the MIDDLE OF BIKINI SEASON!!! The gall. But, guess what? While still offering up bold and delicious flavors, the dishes are totally doable if you’re trying to eat healthy and keep that beach bod in tact. If you order the Seagrape Burger, that’s on you.

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Let’s Talk about Talde

Mid Beach is experiencing a sort of renaissance that gets me excited and nostalgic. Reminiscent of the days when my mom used to drive my brother and I down Collins Avenue and point out the 3D painting on the side of the Fontainebleau that was grander than any 6-year-old could understand. I’d like to think Mid Beach was cooler even way before South Beach was on the global map. As so, I praise places like 27 and the cool folks over at the Edition for bringing back a piece of notoriety to a neighborhood that’s been outshone for far too long.

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