Foodie Friday – Local Edition

Hi foodies, October is here! And what a relief it is to be done with September… This last month was a tough one, what with Hurricane Irma and its effects here in South Florida, in the Keys, and across the state. Not to mention the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, where many of our friends and family live, and the earthquake in Mexico, which also touched many of our loved ones. That said, we’re moving forward, onwards, and upwards, and there’s a lot to be thankful and look forward to. An extension of Miami Spice through the end of October, for one. There’s a lot going on this month in Miami, including a number of ways our foodie community is coming together to help those still in need. For all that and more, check out our monthly round-up of local foodie news below. Enjoy!

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Chef’s Corner – Masamoto Hamaya

Chef Masamoto Hamaya —
Executive Chef,
Dragonfly Izakaya and Fish Market

Chef Masamoto Hamaya was born and raised in Japan. He went to college in Arizona, but returned home to Tokyo to go to culinary school. He came back to the United States to embark on an impressive culinary career: Hamaya was Head Sushi Chef at Uchi, James Beard Award Winner Tyson Cole’s restaurant in Austin, Texas, and he has played key roles as Executive Chef at Ozumo and Executive Sous at the Michelin starred Ame in San Francisco.

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By Mitchell Nover

Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market (5241 NW 87th Ave, Doral) is not your traditional Japanese restaurant. While it’s rooted in Japanese comfort food, its menu is a globally-inspired take on traditional Izakaya (aka Japanese gastropub) dishes. In addition to a raw bar, and extensive sushi and sashimi selection, Dragonfly also features a progressive beverage program and an adjoining fish market will nod to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan where guests can participate in educational seafood workshops and purchase items ranging from house-made bottled sauces to fresh seafood sourced locally and from exotic waters across the globe.

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