The Arketekt Arrives in Brickell

By Melanie Galarce 

The Arketekt By Aficionados (1200 Brickell Bay Dr, Suite 107, Miami) is a new restaurant in the middle of the hustle and bustle of brickell that feels like a vintage escape. The restaurant, which was was opened by the group behind the local favorite Aficionados Brickell Wine & Spirits, is self-described as “one who creates.” A simple concept that can be applied to all aspects of the restaurant, including its food and drink menu.

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A Bigger, Bolder Barley

By Santiago Cardona

Welcome to Barley, the newest focal point of Downtown Dadeland. Some of you may be saying that this restaurant has existed in Miami for a few years now, and that is true. But the thing is, it just moved to a new location, and this joint has received a major upgrade that is in line with any Kardashian facelift.

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SoCal, So Good

It’s safe to say that the crew over at MMTM headquarters has an established affinity for tacos. If I could, I would probably assign a food group to the universe of tacos and justify ungodly consumption of said food. However, much to my dismay, tacos have been done before, a million different ways, and it’s increasingly difficult to find any novelty in a taco shop or feel like it’s not trying too hard. That said, the trend lingers on and every few months it seems we have a new taco place popping up. Most of these restaurants are pretty darn good (and some are mediocre,) but every now and then you stumble across one in particular that is so good, it makes you want to put on a sombrero.

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Pawn Broker is Raising the Roof

By Mitchell Nover

Miami is severely lacking in rooftop bars. What NYC manages to master with only 3-ish months of warm weather, we somehow neglect to take advantage of with our endless summers and gorgeous views. I’m sure there are numerous reasons for this, but the biggest is most likely Miami’s non-existent downtown scene. Rooftop bars (at least in my mind) are most often associated with bustling metropolises and business people riding elevators to the top of a skyscraper for an afterwork cocktail among the clouds – quite the opposite of the pool and beachside hotel bars of which there are a plethora on Miami Beach. Well, in hopes of what will become a growing trend (and a revitalization of Downtown Miami), the Pubbelly Boys have taken their talents from South Beach with the creation of the Pawn Broker at the Langford Hotel.

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Foodie Friday – Local Edition

They say that April showers bring May flowers and Miami food lovers are set to get a drenching based on all of the restaurant openings, new offerings, special menus, and foodie events that our city’s culinary elite have in store for us. By the looks of it, we’ll all be sprouting burger, pizza, and taco shaped flowers by the time May comes around. So, get your slickers ready and check out this month’s forecast of news and happenings below. Enjoy!

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How Trust & Co. is Earning our Trust

Trust is not something that is easily handed out. It must be earned over time; through actions, not words. In the restaurant business, this couldn’t be more true. And when a new one comes to town (especially when that town is Coral Gables) brazenly throwing the word in your face, you better believe that earning the trust of the masses is no easy task. After a recent visit to Trust & Co., we have reason to believe this place just might be on to something. Here are the top five why we trust in Trust & Co.

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Brunch Like The Local

Brunch is a recipe for indulgence. First, combine the best of breakfast and lunch to make one super meal out of two. Second, gather family and/or friends for one last hurrah before the work week starts again. And, third, add in a few cocktails to get your Sunday Funday vibes flowing. The newly launched brunch at The Local Craft Food & Drink follows that recipe to a T, serving up one of the best (and booziest) brunches that Miami has to offer.

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GK Bistronomie Puts Art and Flavor on the Plate in Wynwood

The Wynwood Arts District just got a little artsier with the arrival of the new GK Bistronomie. GKB is bringing food art to the neighborhood best known for its street art, offering visitors something to admire on the plate and savor on the palate.

GKB is a Peruvian-inspired restaurant with flares of Asian and other Latin cuisines. Helmed by acclaimed chef/owner and Peru native, Rafael Perez, the restaurant and bar has been making an impact during its first few weeks on the scene, providing the area with a much-needed, elevated dining establishment.

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This Vagabond is No Wanderer

Per the Dictionary a vagabond is basically a waste of space.
a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job
Well, this time, Mr. Smarty Pants (yeah, I’m talking to you Dictionary) is dead wrong. This vagabond – Vagabond Restaurant and Bar, that is – is no lost soul; it’s a serious, feet-firmly-planted, must-visit foodie destination. Ain’t nobody wandering around here.

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