Sushi Kong Crushes on Coral Way

By Mitchell Nover

Sushi Kong (3000 Coral Way, Coral Gables) is not your average sushi restaurant, so traditionalists beware. Rather, the concept out of Venezuela is very much a Japanese-Latin fusion restaurant meant to move diners outside of their comfort zones. Combining an avant-garde, comic book style decor, a menu that actually gets more interesting outside of the sushi section, and #dessertporn that will leave you drooling, Sushi Kong delivers both a memorable and monstrous meal. I hope you’re hungry…

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Cozy Casabe

Brunch tends to be my favorite meal of the weekend. It’s the combination of breakfast (which houses my favorite food items) thrown in with some mimosas – we all know cocktails make everything better. It’s also the sad realization that Monday is looming and that the workweek is about to begin. The latter usually makes me want to max out the brunch experience and Casabe 305 Bistro had just the fix.

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