A New Taste of Talde

By Mitchell Nover

Early last year, Mel raved about her experience at Talde Miami Beach (4041 Collins Ave, Miami Beach), praising the restaurant’s wide variety of Asian-American dishes served up in an eclectic, Brooklyn-esque environment, as a “progressive fusion of Asian and American dishes that took [her] out of [her] comfort zone.” Now, about a year and a half later, I had the opportunity to get my own taste of  Talde, which recently launched a new menu featuring a heavier focus on classic Chinese-driven dishes, of course with the Dale Talde spin we’ve all become accustomed to. Despite the changes to the menu, I’m here to tell you that Mel’s take still rings true.

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MMTM’s Chrismukkah Picks

This year’s holiday season is doubly joyous, with Christmas and Hanukkah overlapping for the first time in a while. However, double the fun also means double the work, with the preceding weeks full of gift wrapping, cocktail parties, cookie swaps, tree cutting, candle lighting, and nights of home decorating. So, why not save some energy with a relaxed holiday meal prepared for you by some of the city’s finest chefs and cooks? Miami eateries are offering a number of delightful dining options, including prix-fixe dinners, buffet spreads, a la carte options, and prepared meals ready for you to take home. Read on for our picks of some of the great restaurant meals that can be enjoyed, fuss-free, during Hanukkah and Christmas – a.k.a. Chrismukkah.

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P.F. Chang’s: 2 Green Thumbs Up

Right now you’re probably thinking: “Is he really writing a review of P.F. Chang’s???” No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, I know that P.F. Chang’s is a chain. Yes, I know that it’s menu is “Asian-inspired,” whatever that means. And, yes, I know that amongst all of the trendy restaurants opening up across Miami every day, it doesn’t exactly evoke thoughts of excitement and anticipation. But, I also know that P.F. Chang’s offers classic, Asian-American comfort food in a nice, laid back setting. So, just hear me out…

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Modern Chinese Comes to Midtown

There’s a new kid on the block in Midtown. Blackbrick, the latest endeavor from Chef Richard Hales, focuses down his modern take on pan-Asian cooking (see Sakaya Kitchen & Dim Ssam a Go-Go) to cover one of America’s most beloved cuisines – Chinese food.

If you were thinking that modern Chinese means trendy décor and trendy ingredients, you’d be wrong. The only modern thing that those restaurants offer is a more expensive version of the normal food you can get from any takeout joint. On the flip side, Blackbrick’s modern offerings are more along the lines of providing its diners with a quality, chef-driven menu that highlights local and organic ingredients.

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