Pubbelly Sushi Delivers in Downtown Dadeland

By Santi Cardona

Pubbelly Sushi (8970 SW 72nd Pl, Kendall) is one of my personal favorite restaurants. If you’re familiar with the Miami dining scene, then you surely know about Pubbelly Sushi as well. The sister restaurant of the iconic Pubbelly, whose first location was opened in South Beach back in 2010, is an Asian-inspired gastropub where notable chef and restaurant owner Jose Mendin adds his hispanic flare to approachable and non-fussy food. Now, Chef Mendin and his partners have expanded their sensational sushi concept to Kendall. Yes, Kendall.  And in the heart of Downtown Dadeland, no less, which has become the home for a bunch of notable Miami restaurants such as Ghee, Harry’s, and Barley (another Santi favorite).

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