MMTM’s 2018 Valentine’s Day Picks

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to eat. Because while diamonds and roses are great, there’s nothing more romantic than a good meal. So as an expression of our undying love for you, our dear followers, we’ve done the hard work for you and have rounded up some of the best bets for Valentine’s Day 2018 around the Magic City. Whether dining solo, drinking with your best gals, or taking date night up a notch with your sweetheart, there’s something sexy out there for everyone. Enjoy!

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Lechón Lunes: Monday Night is the Noche de Lechón at Bulla Gastrobar

By Caitlin Marino

As a staple in the Coral Gables culinary scene and having recently expanded to a second location in the ever-growing Downtown Doral area, Bulla Gastrobar (5335 NW 87th Ave, Doral) is pushing to the forefront with a new, exciting offer to make Mondays the day you look forward to the most. “Que? Who looks forward to a Monday?” you say? Ladies and gentlemen, I present: Noche de Lechón. Yes, a night specifically dedicated to honoring Miami’s favorite dish, and – how I like to think of it – a reward for surviving the hardest day of the work week.

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Bulla is Making Noise in Doral

By Mitchell Nover

After a couple of very successful years in Coral Gables, it’s no surprise that Bulla Gastrobar decided to expand their refined take on Spanish tapas and open an additional location. The surprise comes in the fact that they chose Doral, of all Miami neighborhoods, for their second spot. That’s right, not Midtown, not South Beach, but Doral. Although maybe it shouldn’t come as such of a shock as Doral is currently undergoing a major boom and the new Downtown Doral is set to be a Mecca for foodies in the area with Bulla leading the charge alongside Dragonfly and the soon-to-open Pisco y Nazca. It’s an age old “if you build it, they will come” story, and, as evidenced by my recent trip to Bulla Doral, they’re coming in droves.

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