Miami Spice Monday: Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar

By Mitchell Nover

#MiamiSpiceMonday in October, you ask? Well, thanks to Hurricane Irma, the GMCVB has decided to extend the restaurant program through October 31st as part of the #MiamiNow campaign with the goal of celebrating the best of Miami’s tourism industry and offer an unprecedented value for visitors and locals alike. And here at MMTM headquarters, we’re celebrating even more because that means we still have time to share one of our favorite Miami Spice experiences year in and year out, courtesy of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar (11510 SW 147th Ave, Miami).

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Wynwood Yard Brings Culture & Food to Miami

Long are the days in Miami where anywhere ‘cool’ entailed an over-the-top experience with hefty price tags and pretentious stares. Slowly, but surely, our city has achieved a personality that goes beyond the tourism and ambition that infiltrate South Beach. We can know stand strong on the map of major cities in America with a bit of culture and substance. I attribute much of that growth to neighborhoods like Wynwood.

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