Bird is the Word at Bird & Bone

By Mitchell Nover

At The Confidante Miami Beach, Bird & Bone (4041 Collins Ave, Miami Beach) is the latest brainchild from Chef Richard Hales (of Sakaya Kitchen and Blackbrick fame). Designed to highlight the best of the American culinary landscape, the menu reflects the heart and soul of traditional country cuisine with locally-sourced ingredients from independent small farms and organic butchers that illuminate Chef Hales’ passion for Southern dining.

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At Yardbird, A New Taste of an Old Favorite

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar is kind of like a really good friend that you, for whatever reason, just don’t see all that often. You still think about them a lot and even talk them up to your other friends. Sometimes new friendships take up more of your time or maybe it’s that they live a little too far outside your local radius (sorry South Beach, you’re just not my go-to neighborhood anymore). In any case, you still consider them to be one of your best friends and, for me, Yardbird is no different. When anyone asks me what one of my favorite restaurants in Miami is, I almost always say Yardbird. I just don’t actually go there that often anymore.

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