Samba’s on a Roll

Decorative. Festive. Damn good sushi. That’s the synopsis of Sushi Samba Coral Gables. Ominously located across the street from the long-time favorite, Sushi Maki, this new dig is ready to reign as the cool, new kid in town. I seldom visit the Lincoln Road location (Sushi Samba Miami Beach), mostly because of the tourist infestation. The food experiences on several occasions have been highly unmemorable, so this lunch at Sushi Samba Coral Gables was all an overall pleasant surprise.

I tried a pretty large assortment of dishes. From Crispy Taquitos and sashimi to the Robata grilled salmon and dessert. Needless to say this was breakfast, lunch and dinner because the boyfriend and I slightly overdid it.  The salmon was damn delicious (warning, it was dripping with honey) and the bf devoured the sashimi, which we both agreed was fresh and seasoned perfectly.

photo a1

The standout dish is most definitely the Sushi Samba Coral Gables roll. Holy goodness to both rolls we tried (also devoured the El Topo roll.) The eponymous Coral Gables roll looks a little like an edible spider or some form of contemporary art, and it’s absolutely delicious. It has steamed lobster, avocado, red jalapeño, spicy Japanese rice crackers, sweet chili, key lime mayo and tobiko (has a mild, smoky taste.) Sushi success.

photo a4

Mel’s recommendation: The innovation and taste are as equally impressive as this place. However, it’s only fair that we mention that it’s a tad bit pricey. But, it’s a good spot for a classy, sushi date night…is that a thing? If you’re making that thing, this is your place.


Standout Dishes
Coral Gables Roll
Sashimi Tiradito Assortment of Four

photo 2


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