Sushi Kong Crushes on Coral Way

By Mitchell Nover

Sushi Kong (3000 Coral Way, Coral Gables) is not your average sushi restaurant, so traditionalists beware. Rather, the concept out of Venezuela is very much a Japanese-Latin fusion restaurant meant to move diners outside of their comfort zones. Combining an avant-garde, comic book style decor, a menu that actually gets more interesting outside of the sushi section, and #dessertporn that will leave you drooling, Sushi Kong delivers both a memorable and monstrous meal. I hope you’re hungry…

Menu highlights: Serving up Asian-inspired cuisine with tropical influences, I highly recommend diving right into the Latin and Asian Tapas portion of the menu. Playful, unique, and downright tasty, by the time you bite into dishes like the Bacon Boom (deep fried dates with chorizo and bacon, topped with a Thai tzatziki sauce), Sushi Kong Pizza (soft tempura rice bun, cream cheese, plantain, avocado, smoked salmon, grated brie cheese, passion fruit glaze, and sweet balsamic glaze), and Patakong (tostón sandwich filled with guacamole, smoked salmon, Chinese bhrot, crab salad, wakame, blue cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, and capers), you’ll barely have any room for sushi anyway.

That said, if you had to save space for at least one sushi roll, it should be the Romeo & Juliet Signature Roll. Filled with crab, salmon crunch, cream cheese, and spring onion, half the roll is covered with smoked salmon and half with avocado. Adding even more, the dish also comes with a side of shrimp ceviche and a sweet and sour fried shrimp. How Romeo & Juliet come into play, I don’t know? But after eating this roll, I have to admit I was feeling a little star-crossed.

Standout dishes: Did someone say #dessertporn? Oh yeah, I did. Not for the faint of heart, Sushi Kong’s two dessert options are almost as delicious as they are Instagram worthy. And you know that means a lot nowawadays.

First up, the Chocolate Kamikaze. A decadent chocolate ice cream bar in a bowl of chocolate mousse, more ice cream in the form of a vanilla scoop (obvi), that is then drowned in a special chocolate cream sauce. Drooling yet?

And then there’s the Kong CheeseCrack. Nothing more and nothing less than a tempura fried cheesecake crunch topped with ice cream and surrounded by a sea of Oreo crumbles. Oh, and did I mention the tableside Nutella pour? I can see the Boomerangs now…

Are we boozing? Yes, we are! Sushi Kong has a small, but interesting sake cocktail menu, on which one of the featured drinks is the Sake Mule. I happen to think the idea of sake cocktails is a nice, lighter touch for drinks since the food is generally on the heavier side. They also have beer and wines to choose from, including some pretty fantastic Japanese craft brews.

Check this place out if you like: some non-traditional takes on Japanese food, like sushi burritos at Burrito San or poke bowls and more at Pokébar.

Mitch’s take: In my opinion, Sushi Kong is a breath of fresh air. The food is different, comforting, and fun, and, in my book, that goes a long way. An experience like Nobu or Zuma it is not, and it doesn’t pretend or want to be. On the outside, that might be scary for some, but for me Sushi Kong is an enjoyable neighborhood restaurant that is crushing it with creativity and kindness, just like that lovable big screen ape.


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