STK is a big WIN

By Melanie Galarce

Most out-of-towners tend to have one general thought about Miami: it’s so sexy. Well, they’re probably right. Everything in our city tends to be on the risqué and slightly cooler side. As so, a sexy steakhouse is a must for us locals and that’s exactly what STK has established in Miami (should also be noted the sexiness spills over to its many locations across the world). STK is an ultrachic, modern steakhouse that offers a sophisticated menu that will not disappoint your taste buds. More than just a culinary experience, you can also expect a cool ambience, an in-house DJ (*during pre-determined hours) and modern, fun décor.



We’ve all come to know and love the STK in Miami Beach, but recently, I stopped by the newly opened STK in Downtown Miami (across from the American Airlines Arena) to check out its latest location and chow down on some steak while sipping on fancy cocktails.

Upon arrival to STK, my suggestion would be to try one of their many craft cocktails. There’s all sorts of adventurous and fun drinks to try that complement the restaurant and the ambience.



I kicked off the meal with a very untraditional dish for a steakhouse, and that was Ceviche. A seafood selection which was very fresh with its bold citrus flavors. The dish works very well at STK since untraditional is a welcomed recurring theme here and I dig that.


A safer appetizer option is the Heirloom Salad, which had curved olives, Serrano ham and pesto for a winning combination. The originality of this dish comes from the Serrano ham, which gives this salad a hint of saltiness that makes it jump with flavor.


Our first entrée was perhaps one of the most memorable ones. Surprisingly, the seafood at STK just kept getting better. The Seared Sea Scallops with snap peas, heirloom carrots and ginger carrot puree was like biting into a seafood-flavored marshmallow. It had perfect texture and a delicious sweetness to it (thanks to the carrot puree) that made everything just melt in your mouth.


Of course any visit to a steakhouse must involve copious amounts of beef. As so, we had the Beef Duet, which consisted of filet in red wine and a strip sirloin (au poivre) a French rendition of sirloin that is coated with loosely cracked peppercorns and then cooked. The meat lived up to its every expectation. It was cooked to perfection, tender, juicy and bursting with flavor.


For dessert, we had a Chef Selected Platter that included some favorites like Apple Crumb Cake with caramel, spiced apple, and dulce de leche ice cream and Orange Dream Cheesecake with bruleed oranges, and whipped cream. However, the one dessert you should most definitely save your calories for is the Bag Odonuts which brings dulce de leche filling, spiced chocolate sauce, and raspberry sauce. I’d like to think of a better way to end a meal, but quite frankly I don’t know that there is one.



Mel’s take: This place oozes cool but unlike other places that overcompensate for ambience and lack any decent culinary experience, STK offers quality food. Socialites and foodies will be equally hooked at STK. Also, its a perfect location across the Arena make it a no brainer as the hot spot to catch a drink and some grub before heading to the next concert or Heat game.

Standout dish: I’d be amiss to say I don’t love a good steak at a steakhouse, but the real MVP at STK for me was the scallop dish. I just loved everything about the perfect crispy caramelized coat and the sweetness of the puree. The steaks get an honorable mention because they were damn good as well.

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