South Pointe Tavern Meets South Beach

By Melanie Galarce

South Pointe Tavern  (40 South Pointe Drive, #109, Miami Beach) is a self-described cozy cocktail bar that serves a myriad of spirits, craft beers, and wine. Along with your drink of choice you can enjoy small bites, ceviches, charcuterie, and more. The South of Fifth tavern offers a corner wrap-around terrace and an indoor area with exposed-brick walls to cool off during the warm Miami winters.

Menu highlights: The Taco of the Day seemed too good to pass up after the table next to us ordered it, so we opted to try it out ourselves. Options include pepper chicken or pulled pork (we chose the former), and although it’s impossible to find the meat in the picture below with the cheese overflowing the taco (not a problem in my book), the pepper chicken version was a delicious option when looking for a light menu item. Other things you probably can’t see hiding under the copious amount of cheese include pickled onions, Serrano, avocado salsa, and crème fraiche.

It should also be noted that this tavern makes a hell of on an old fashion. The Tavern Old Fashion with whiskey, coffee reduction, and dashes of Angostura bitters stays true to the balance that the signature drink should have between sweetness and bitterness. After a few rounds of fancy drinks, my husband and I finished the night with some draft beer, because sometimes less is more, and we’re happy to see that South Pointe Tavern offers something for simpler folks.

Standout dish: The kind waitress let us in on the Miami State of Mind cocktail which really was the night’s piece de resistance. The drink brings tequila, fresh watermelon juice, agave, cilantro leaves, and jalapeño slices for the most calculated of combinations in a cocktail offering both freshness and a hint of spice that will have you asking for a second round faster than you can keep up. That cocktail combined with the Flatbread was a total win. The flatbread brought mushroom, onion, arugula, and shaved Parmesan, and it was a healthy pizza rendition that you wish you could master at home.

Are we boozing? That’s really why we’re here, actually – to booze. You’ll be drinking generously and enjoying some pretty amazing craft cocktails. This entire place is a watering hole with the sophistication of South Beach in each of its drinks, making it the best of both worlds.

Check this place out if you like: Low-key bars that are South of Fifth. Think about favorites like Ted’s Hideaway or Radio and substitute the music for a football or basketball game since there are a few big screen TVs for entertainment.

Mel’s take: You already know my bias opinion of every establishment that’s South of Fifth. I’ve confessed my love various times and this charming tavern is no different. It’s a great little hideaway to grab a darn good drink and a few light bites. South Pointe Tavern also stays open really late every single night of the week (until 2AM), making it the perfect South Beach spot to kick things off or maybe end the night?

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