Soul Tavern Saves the Day

By Caitlin Marino

Whether you think it’s just the latest fad or have enjoyed the benefits of adapting to a vegan diet, the trend of more and more restaurants offering vegan-friendly choices can’t be negated. Even still, such offerings, at best, are limited to just a handful of options. That’s when Soul Tavern (1801 West Ave, Miami Beach) comes to save the day with an incredibly robust and refreshing vegetarian and plant-based menu available for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Menu highlights: Boasting a menu that is 85 percent vegan and 80 percent gluten-free, I can already imagine the eye rolls this review might be getting, but I promise, whether you’re vegan or not, you will be pleasantly surprised with how flavorful each dish is and how they completely void the stereotypes around plant-based cuisine. As starters, check out the Banh-Mi BBQ Sliders (Korean BBQ tempeh, Korean slaw, house-made potato chips) or the perfectly toasted Warm Kale & Squash Salad (grilled kombocha, green apple, roasted pumpkin seed, serrano & truffle vinaigrette).

For those who can’t say no to cheese, the Wild Mushroom & Truffle Pizza (truffle spread, wild mushroom, parmesan, fontina, ricotta, shaved truffle, organic pasture raised egg) oozes with layers of cheesy and truffle goodness.

If you happened to have saved space for dessert, the White Chocolate Donut & Bourbon Ice Cream (baked donut cake with homemade bourbon-vanilla ice cream) is a dream. Who can say no to donuts and ice cream?

Standout dish: Just reading the word gyozas on a menu tends to get my mouth watering so when I saw the Jack Fruit Gyozas (pan seared jackfruit dumplings, brown rice vinegar-shoyu) included on the menu, it was the first item I asked to try. The texture of the jack fruit has a similar consistency to pork, which may trick your mind into thinking you’re eating a “traditional” pork dumpling. Pairing perfectly with the accompanying dipping sauce, there’s no doubt this is a must-order for all.

Are we boozing? Guests can choose to be good to their body with nourishing, detoxing, and balancing their aura with intricate concoctions included in an extensive herbal tea elixir selection. Guests can also choose to be good to the soul with a variety of cocktails and beers. I, of course, went with the latter and enjoyed the Kyoto Cool (green tea-infused Ketel One vodka, lychee puree, lime).

Check this place out if you like: the menu at Plant Miami mixed with a cool, high-end gastropub-like vibe.

Caitlin’s take: I couldn’t be happier to have found this holy grail of a gem, but just wish it would have been sooner! Highly recommended for anyone who is vegan, vegetarian, or simply looking for a top-notch, meatless meal. I was extremely impressed with their dinner menu and can’t wait to return to try items like the Negro Maduro Burger (available during brunch) or the Mushroom Ceviche (on the lunch and dinner menu).


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