SHIKANY: The New Miami Chic

Any Miami native – or anyone who has lived here for an extended period of time – has undoubtedly heard the phrase “South Beach Chic.” The definition is usually confusing and often means different things to different people, but it has generally been meant to describe a style of atmosphere or dress for Miami events and happenings. And, more often than not, the physical interpretation has been anything but chic. Well, I’m pleased to announce that I recently discovered the new chic in Miami and it has made it’s way off of South Beach and onto the mainland – Wynwood, to be exact, home of SHIKANY.

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Traditionally (and according to Merriam-Webster) the word chic refers to “smart elegance and sophistication.” That’s exactly what SHIKANY is: from ambiance and design to service and cuisine. Executive chef, owner, and Miami native Michael Shikany opened his namesake restaurant in everyone’s new favorite neighborhood back in April in a fully-renovated, 4,000-square-foot warehouse that paints the perfect backdrop for this new culinary masterpiece. And when I say “paint” and “masterpiece” I’m not just trying to be cute in my references to the Wynwood Arts District. The food served at SHIKANY is truly art on a plate, and Chef Shikany and his team’s modernist approach to food is a clear and welcome departure from Miami’s go-to of rustic and simplistic dining. Per the website, the mission of SHIKANY is to deliver classic and innovative cuisine through a commitment to outstanding quality, service, and presentation. Mission accomplished.

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Mitch’s recommendation: At first, SHIKANY may feel a little bougie, but while it may be something we’re not used to and not the type of restaurant we’ll visit on the regular, it is something that we – as an up-and-coming foodie town – deserve. Next time you’re looking for a restaurant for a special occasion or just want to splurge a little, go out of your comfort zone, go to the new Miami chic, go to SHIKANY.

And, P.S., it’s not just the food and ambiance that makes SHIKANY so good. The service, in a word, is impeccable.

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Standout Dishes
I took advantage of an amazing Gilt City deal of a five-course chef’s dinner for my first visit to SHIKANY. From there, I decided to go the extra mile and add on the recommended wine pairings. On this night there were no standout dishes; they were all incredible. Let’s just say I was not disappointed.

Nori Macaron Nori Macaron
Ginger Spiced Tuna Tartar, Avocado Mousse, White Soy Foam

Nori Macaron & Riesling
Paired with a 2010 German Riesling

Wagyu Tartare
Akaushi Wagyu Tenderloin Tartare
Cayenne Apple Chutney, Pickled Mung Bean, Red Onion Relish, Shiso, Chile Oil Powder, Sweet Potato Crisp

Wagyu Tartare & Falanghina
Paired with a 2012 Italian Falanghina

Wagyu Croquettes
A5 Wagyu Smoked Gouda Croquettes
Coffee Dusted Dark Chocolate Foie Gras Truffle Spheres, Apple Cured Duck Breast Prosciutto, Pink Peppercorn Meyer Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Gel, Black Garlic Paint

Wagyu Croquettes & Cabernet Sauvignon
Paired with a 2012 Californian Cabernet Sauvignon

Short Ribs
Braised ‘Five’ Spiced Short Rib
Triple Cream Goat’s Brie Turnip Purée, Strawberry Tomato Pâte de Fruit, Crispy Leeks, Sage Parmesan Gremolata, Fat Back Powder

Short Ribs & Petit Meunier
Paired with a 2010 Californian Petit Meunier

Fruit and Cheese
Fruit and Cheese
Mascarpone Cream, Nitro Fourme d’Ambert, Seared Peaches, Rosé Wine Stewed Black Mission Figs, Crispy Serrano

Fruit and Cheese & Moscato
Paired with an Italian Moscato

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