Seaspice and Everything Nice

We are pretty democratic at MMTM headquarters. We often like to share hole-in-the-wall wonders, but it’s only fair that we also highlight the luxe spots that really help put Miami on the map to foreigners. With that said, today we share our experience of Seaspice – a quintessentially Miami dining experience. Next to the Miami River, this restaurant offers an insight into what gives Miami its glitz and glam while managing to steal foodie hearts everywhere with its unassuming charm and out of this world menu.


Aside from a potential celebrity spotting (Jay and Bey made an infamous pre-Lemonade stop when the restaurant was known as Seasalt and Pepper) you’ll enjoy one hell of a meal. You’ve got to be willing to pay a premium, but quite frankly for an anniversary or special occasion, the splurge is justified a few times over.


After some amazing house-made bread, we had a delicious set of appetizers like the Octopus a la Plancha, with fresh herbs and lemon zest as well as the Meli Melo Tartare, a well-thought-out concoction of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado puree, and crispy pappadum. Our very attentive waiter recommended the latter and mentioned that it was a house favorite. Both appetizers were very fresh and their originality (specifically the tartare) made it very easy to fall for the chef’s creations.





Another very innovative appetizer was the Pizzetta. A very untraditional pizza with braised kale, oven dried tomatoes, mozzarella, and an organic egg. This is the kind of pizza you want when you’re paying more than $10 for the meal. It’s an over-the-top rendition of pizza, that’s equally, or dare I say, more amazing than the old-time favorite.


Seaspice is a self-proclaimed globally-influenced seafood restaurant, so it’s no surprise that we indulged in a heavy assortment of seafood dishes all uniquely special in their own right.

The Chilean Sea Bass had truffle porcini crust and Yukon potatoes. Covered in the most heavenly thin crust of truffle, the sea bass was perfectly cooked and the seasoned Yukon potatoes brought everything together nicely.



Another standout dish was the Jumbo Prawns that brought madras curry, elephant garlic, and pernod. The prawns were floating atop a thick broth casserole as part of a very vivid presentation and equally bold flavors. The madras curry became the dipping sauce for every other dish on the table. We wanted a taste of it with every bite we took.


The Alaskan King Crab Florentine is what brunch dreams are made of with organic egg whites, baby spinach, glazed fava beans, and béarnaise sauce. It basically puts any other Florentine eggs to shame in Miami.



Another brunch dish we recommend? Shoot for the Oyster Rockefeller Benedict with a unique puff pastry spin that brings creamed spinach and an oyster inside…for the win.



Like any good Miami establishment, cocktails are an integral part of the meal. More so at Seaspice, where some come to see and be seen. We didn’t experiment too much with the cocktail menu but we did try the Pineapple Margarita and if drinks is all you’re ordering for #SundayFunday, then you’re in very good hands at Seaspice.



Mel’s take: I get what the rage is all about, especially if you’re an out of towner. The restaurant is gorgeous, the views are entertaining to say the least – amazing boats circle the river every few minutes and the tourist inside you will be gawking for hours. It’s the Miami crowd you’d expect (dressed to the nines with a drink in hand) but if food is your thing, it’s worth every nuance because the menu is impeccably thought out and very well done.

Standout dish: The Meli Melo Tartare for its originality and freshness; it’s quite possibly one of the better tartares we’ve had in Miami. A perfect combination of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail layered intricately into a masterpiece that taste as good as it looks. Honorable mention to the brunch dishes, which were an incredible take on traditional egg dishes. Nothing boring here.


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