Paris 6 is Full of Surprises

By Santi Cardona

When I first heard of Paris 6 (2200 Collins Ave, Miami Beach), I didn’t know what to exactly make of it. A French-Brazilian 24-hour “diner” on South Beach serving refined food and cocktails in a luxurious setting? I had to go check it out. Paris 6 is an international concept with locations in Brazil that gains inspiration from Parisian bistros and brasseries. Walking in, it’s hard to not be impressed with the presentation of the restaurant. Dim lighting, vivid portraits, an ornate bar, chandeliers, and tufted red banquets come together to leave you slightly in awe of the beauty of the place. At first glance, the somewhat large menu was slightly intimidating. With over 100 items, it was hard to make a decision on what to sample, but overall we were pleasantly surprised with the flavors and overall presentation of the food.

Menu highlights: Poulpe a la Provencale. It’s hard to come across octopus that isn’t chewy, so it was a surprise to find an exquisite version at Paris 6. By braising the octopus in white wine and tomato, Paris 6 manages to create a dish that I would happily come back for. By pairing the buttery and rich octopus with a some capers, the kitchen adds a pop of freshness to what otherwise would be an extremely rich dish.

Medaillon Au Vin Et Risotto De Brie. I can’t imagine someone that wouldn’t like this dish. The tender filet was a perfect accompaniment to the creamy and rich risotto. While each element of the dish is wonderful on its own, all the parts come together to create a wonderful bite of food. I’ve never had brie risotto before, and now I hope every risotto I have from here on out tastes like this.

Standout dish: Crevettes au Riz Provencal. I normally rely on the flavors of a dish to decide which is my favorite, but the presentation of this dish alone had me leaning towards this direction. Three giant grilled prawns are laid on a bed of Provencal-style rice made with mushrooms, tomatoes and (lots and lots of) butter. The presentation is impressive, but the flavors definitely stand on their own. The prawns are perfectly cooked and the rice is enhanced by the white wine-butter reduction to solidify this dish as the best of the night.

Are we boozing?: Absolutely; especially if you’re getting the Passion Fruit Caipirinha. While this is technically a French restaurant, the Brazilian influence is obvious. It would be a mistake to forgo this spin on Brazil’s national drink. I took down four of these before realizing what I had gotten myself into…

Check this place out if you like: Downtown Bistro. While Downtown Bistro is more casual and approachable, the French element and theme is there. The food is a bit on the heavier side at Paris 6, so if you’re looking to indulge on something more hearty, you know where to go.

Santi’s take: As mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised with the food at Paris 6. The food is definitely on the heavier side, but what can you expect from French cuisine? The decadence of the dishes make this restaurant a prime contender for after-party munchies, but I definitely would come here for a regular dinner as well.


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