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The Olivique Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain is a quality product with centuries of tradition and a commitment to maintain only the highest standards in every way. Besides being a superfood (known to strengthen the heart, fight diabetes, help with weight loss, and ease dry skin), olive oil is also a very tasty way of adding a Mediterranean touch to your meal, a perfect ingredient used as a fine spice to be paired only with your most special dishes.

To that end, we want to share this great product with you — our loyal readers. The Olivique has four different oil varieties, each featuring a different type of olive. To help understand these varieties better, they have ingeniously paired each olive type with a famous historical Spanish personality, from El Greco to Salvador Dalí.

So, what we want to know is… If you were an olive oil, what historical figure would best represent your flavor and personality? Read The Olivique’s examples below and leave us a comment on this post or on our Facebook or Instagram posts for your chance to win* an olive oil prize pack.

Koroneiki – El Greco


Koroneiki: One of the most recognized olives, a full body and a robust taste that leads to a peppery finish. Olives originally from Greece.


El Greco: Domenikos Theotokipulas came from Greece to the Spanish Renaissance to portrait the movement of that era. In his honor, The Olivique has chosen a Greek variety to paint notes of olives on your food.

Cornicabra – Emir Abderramán II


Cornicabra: A cooling flavor with notes of fresh herbs , tomato and a mild Brush of avocado. Very Stable and enhancing. Olives originally from Toledo, Spain.


Emir Abderramán II: Born in Toledo, Abd ar Rahman II comes from a lineage of Emirs left his print in the millenary battle over the Iberian peninsula, which eventually became the mix of two fascinating cultures.

Picual – La Maja Desnuda


Picual: Rich in Oleic Acid, notes of wood and fresh herbs.Unique and with a strong personality. Olives originally from Andalucía.

Goya (La Maja desnuda)

La Maja Desnuda: As a well established celestial body in the aristocratical star system, she would secretely escape into the most mundane corners of Spain to participate in all sorts of celebrations. Some even say she fell into Francisco de Goya’s arms. We do not have any proof of that, but he sure created a magnificent picture of her.

Arbequina – Salvador Dalí


Arbequina: Light, sweet, and delicate with a touch of apples and almonds fresh and fruity. Olives originally from Cataluña.


Salvador Dalí: It will still take another century to grasp his thoughts. “Reality is not important and every sense is open to the universe.” Stylish, boundryless, yet approachable to anyone.

*No purchase necessary. Winner will be selected at random. Entrants must also follow both MMTM and  The Olivique on Facebook or Instagram to be eligible to win. Contest closes at 11:59PM on Saturday, October 10th.

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