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Taylor Hicks, Owner/Creator, Taylor’s Ultimate Gourmet Sauces
Taylor Hicks was born and raised in Miami amongst a family of wonderful, talented cooks that is truly representative of our city’s gastronomic melting pot. His paternal grandfather, an Idaho native with a palate for Italian food, married a Peruvian woman of English descent. His grandmother created her own cookbook, and starting in college, his father begin to use it as his culinary inspiration. The book was recently published and handed down to Taylor. Taylor’s maternal grandparents were from Georgia and North Carolina and were excellent cooks specializing in Southern dishes. His grandfather also loved preparing Italian food, and perfected many dishes while visiting Italy. Inspired by how these different influences of cooking has brought his family together, Taylor created Taylor’s Ultimate Gourmet Sauces, a line of sauces and salad dressings that blend the Southern cooking of his mother’s family with his father’s Peruvian influence.

Why sauces?
I’ve had the opportunity of being surrounded by my family’s love for cooking and creating very unique recipes. What has always made these recipes stand out was the diversity of the sauces we created and how we were able to incorporate them into different dishes. I wanted to share these recipes and sauces with others.

What are 3 words you use to describe Taylor’s Ultimate Gourmet Sauces?
Distinctive, Diverse, Flavorful.

If you had to pick one of your sauces to describe you, which would it be, and why?
I have to say my Italian Style BBQ. This sauce has a laid back, southern flair attitude with a touch of Miami-style heat.

What’s your all time favorite dish to eat and to cook?
I’m a big meat and potatoes type of guy. I enjoy a nice medium rare bone-in rib eye along. As for cooking, I’d have to say my favorite dish to cook is seared salmon with feta cheese and garlic rub.

What’s the most innovative flavor combination you’ve ever come up with?
My Peruvian Garlic Sauce combined with sherry, butter, and lemon juice, which I like to use for oysters and shrimp.

We would be surprised to know that your sauces can be used for…?
My Italian Style BBQ sauce used as a ragu on pasta.

What inspired your culinary creativity?
My family and a passion for always finding new and innovative ways to prepare and create delicious cuisine.

What celebrity chef would be your dream spokesman?
Guy Fieri

You’re a Miami native, what was your favorite part of growing up in Miami?
I’ve always loved growing up around the ocean. Having this access has provided me the privilege of spending the greater part of my life boating and fishing the waters off Miami.

What are some of your favorite foodie activities to do in Miami?
I enjoy visiting the Coconut Grove Farmers Market for the great variety of salads, dressings and various hand-made delights. I’m also an avid visitor of the Pinecrest Gardner’s Market on Sunday. In general, I love simply having the time to experience what other local vendors have to offer alongside visiting any new restaurant or event catering to new culinary delights.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Miami?
All the varieties of cultural cuisine that Miami has to offer that are not readily available in many cities I’ve traveled through.

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