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Kiko Suarez —
Host, Que Riko con Kiko

Roberto “Kiko” Suarez is the host of Que Riko con Kiko, an in-depth look of delicious food to enjoy. The segment airs every Friday on Telemundo 51’s 5AM, 6AM, and 11PM hours, as well as on NBC 6 every Tuesday  at 11:30AM. A larger-than-life Cuban teddy bear, Kiko brings everything “riko” (i.e. good, delicious, and fun) to your TV, featuring hot restaurants, menu items, chef interviews, and pure awesomeness. He also also produces the Emmy-nominated A la Carta with Mariana Rodriguez, which highlights some of the best restaurants and cuisine in South Florida.

In celebration of National Burger Month this month, Kiko has always partnered up with the folks at Pinch Kitchen to develop his own burger collab. Kiko’s burger will be available all week this week (through Sunday) for lunch and brunch alongside the classic Pinch Burger.

What food item best describes you, and why?
A beautifully prepared presentation of high-end sushi and sashimi (Waygu beef as well). Japanese cuisine is my favorite.

What food trend are you really into right now?
I am really into pickling; I love when restaurants do a lot of their own pickling in house.

What food trend do you wish would just go away already?
Bao buns.

You’re a Miami native and have been visiting and reporting on Miami restaurants for years. What’s your take on the current local food scene?
I think the Miami food scene is booming. Everyone is trying to outdo each other on freshness of ingredients and is staffing their spots with chefs that really know what they are doing. In the end, it benefits anyone that appreciates great food.

What are the top three things you look for when you go out to film at a restaurant?
No. 1 is the food, because if it’s not good who cares how beautiful the restaurant is. No.2 is how this restaurant would interest my audience and what would be my angle presenting it. No.3 is appealing to different communities and areas in Dade and Broward counties; I feel it is my duty to find hot spots in all of South Florida, not just Miami.

What Miami restaurant(s) are you loving right now?
Right now, NaiYaRa is my favorite. But some of my other favorites are KYU, La Mar, and RED (I’m always ready for a big steak).

What restaurant surprised you the most in the past year, good or bad?
The biggest surprise for me, in a good way, was Happy Wine in Coconut Grove. Yes, their wine selection is superb, but their tapas are freaking delicious. They have an executive chef sending magic from his kitchen.

If you could host a spinoff of Que Riko con Kiko in any other city, which would it be and why?
Austin…because their food scene is booming, and not just BBQ.

You’re not a chef, but you’ve been participating in a few cooking events recently (Swine & Wine, Burger Month at Pinch Kitchen, etc.), would you ever want to open your own restaurant?
Yes I would. It would be a sandwich shop. Miami needs more upscale, ingredient driven sandwich shops. I would call it Kiko’s Riko Sandwiches. (So original right? Lol).

What was the inspiration for your Pinch Kitchen National Burger Month collaboration?
Well, you know the burger had to be big, but not gigantic (quality over quantity). And it also had to be crazy good because my name is going on it. So, I went with two eight-ounce patties pressed together with some crunchy bacon jam in between, topped with razor thin onions, house made pickles, Havarti cheese, and then covered with some guayaba sauce for that salty/sweet flavor. It is super tasty and filling, just how I like it.

If you could bring back one classic Miami restaurant, which would it be and why?
Tobacco Road. It was a bar, but they had a damn good burger.

If you could have any celebrity chef co-host Que Riko con Kiko for a week, who would it be and why?
Eddie Huang…I love his show Huang’s World. I love the show’s format and his delivery.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Miami?
The culture, diversity and of course our weather and beaches.


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  1. Jorge serra

    Que rico con kiko. Is a hit. Love the food he show & his persona is great for tv. If I could bring back a old eatery it would be (Victoria train station) I loved eating in the train carts. Sorry If i mispelled any words. Thank you


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