Miami Spice Monday: Lure Fishbar

By Santi Cardona 

Lure Fishbar (1601 Collins Ave, Miami Beach), located inside the Loews Hotel, is a classic South Beach seafood restaurant that has made a name for itself by serving approachable, quality food. While the dishes are normally not too inventive, the ingredients are procured from incredible sources, making for overall delectable dishes. I can say from personal experience that there are few restaurants in the area quite as consistent as this one, and it is one that I enjoy making a visit to on a consistent basis.

Menu highlights: I was truly blown away by the options given for the Miami Spice dinner. For $39 (any night of the week), diners are able to indulge in some dishes created specifically to give people the most bang for their buck. Think appetizers options that include Oyster Delight, Kampachi Crudo, and Summer Watermelon; entree choices of Snapper and a Sushi Platter; and Water Chocolate Cake for dessert.

Standout dishes: While I was thankfully able to sample all of the offerings, if I were choosing only one item per course, my dinner would look someone like this: Asparagus Salad followed by the Bavette Steak followed by the Key Lime Pie.

The asparagus salad, served with heirloom tomatoes, a poached egg, and bonito flakes, focused mainly on the freshness of this beautiful summer produce, though it was taken to the next level with the fishiness and earthiness that the bonito flakes offer.

The Bavette steak with miso butter glaze was phenomenal. The Miami Spice option comes at a hearty 6 oz. and is cooked perfectly to order. The grilled cipollini onions are sweet and add a lighter bite to an already hearty dish, making it a steak that I can’t wait to get back to.

Key lime pies are a dime a dozen throughout Miami, though very seldom does a person come across one that is truly memorable. The one at Lure is classic, yet very well executed. Versions of key lime pie like this one are truly the reason why this dessert has become so reputable in Miami. This option is a no brainer.

Check this place out if you like: Fair and substantial options for Miami Spice. There are lots of restaurant’s in the city that use Spice as an sorry excuse to drive traffic into their dining rooms while not making it a good deal to the diner. Lure is able offer some truly remarkable value to the casual Miami Spice diner, especially when you’re ordering the oysters appetizer followed by the steak entree.

Santi’s take: Lure is an easy choice when deciding what restaurants to check out for Miami Spice. Not only is Lure located in South Beach and is offering the deal every single night, but the options for the courses are great. You can tell the kitchen actually put thought into creating the Spice menu, trying to create the best experience for the diner.


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