Miami Spice Monday: Fooq’s

By Melanie Galarce 

We’re back to regular programming here at MMTM headquarters and hope that you and your loved ones are all safe after Hurricane Irma.

Remember that time we told you all about Fooq’s (1035 N Miami Ave, Miami), the quaint and posh (yet unassuming) little spot in Downtown Miami, and their dinner and brunch offerings? Recently, I headed back to this little spot to check out their Miami Spice menu and I’m here to tell you, you’ll want to pay a visit before the end of the month too.

Menu highlights: At 7 months pregnant, I’ll always take a vegetable option at a restaurant if it’s available. I’m already experiencing mom guilt and want my peanut to have a healthy meal, but I’m also curious to see how different restaurants take on healthier menu options (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). As so, I didn’t hesitate to order the Crisp Honey Glazed Brussel Sprouts as an appetizer with honey lime juice and green garlic yogurt. The yogurt was a particularly good touch since it really elevated the dish and made it stand out from other trite Brussel Sprout options in Miami.

To balance said healthy appetizer, I ordered the Bucatini Amatriciana as my main dish with smoked pancetta, two different cheeses, and homemade tomato sauce. One of the highlights of eating at Fooq’s is that the food feels like eating at a relative’s house. The homemade touch of the dishes really sets apart the menu from other restaurants. This Bucatini rendition also felt like it was a secret recipe that had been passed down from a long history of family cooks. It was simple and not too heavy but what was most impressive was the consistency to make it feel like a home cooked meal.

The Fooq’s Burger was another dish I ordered and really enjoyed. With LTPO (lettuce , tomato, pickle, onions) and Jarlsberg Frites, this burger was a short rib brisket, skirt steak combo that really knocked me off my feet. The frites also deserve a very honorable mention since they were the most tender, delicious French Fries I’ve had in a while – salted to perfection if I might add.

At last, Chef Saul’s Homemade Pistachio Gelato was the perfect dessert for a sweltering summer night in Miami. Refreshing and light with sweet hints of pistachio, the homemade gelato made me feel like I was at grandma’s house.

And because one dessert is never enough, I also had the Date Cake with pistachio gelato, toffee, and crème fraiche. A deliciously thick and sticky delicacy that will melt in your mouth alongside the homemade gelato. As a side note, I fell head over heels in love with the all the tableware at Fooq’s.

Standout dish: The Fooq’s Meatballs are the kind of appetizer you hope to kick off any meal with. Homemade with organic brisket, pork, and cheese, these little balls of heaven are a must when you visit and one of the more notable dishes of the night.

Are we boozing? Yes, we’re definitely boozing. Fooq’s offers a selection of wine (red  + white), beer (draft + bottled), rosé, and dessert wines. Non-alcoholic options include sodas, iced and hot teas.

Try this place out if you like: Niche restaurants that are off the beaten path (aka, not South Beach). Think really quaint and homey places that offer kick-ass meals like La Fresa Francesa.

Mel’s take: I’ve always been a fan of this little gem. Every time I go to Fooq’s I feel like the cool (unpretentious) foreign Miami crowd has gathered for an almost secret dinner. The place is just hip without trying too hard, the menu is great, and the whole ambiance is major goals. Their Miami Spice menu is absolutely no different. Offering fun, inventive versions of traditional favorites, you’re sure to have a pretty stellar meal.

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