Miami Spice Monday: BLT Prime

By Mitchell Nover

What’s in a name? Unfortunately for BLT Prime (4400 NW 87th Ave, Doral) it means an affiliation with a certain President of the United States thanks to its location inside the &@%!# National Doral Miami hotel. Despite the name on the outside of the building, however, nothing comes between me and a good meal. So based on Mel’s recommendation from last year, I ventured into enemy territory to give it a try.

Menu highlights: Chef Dustin Ward’s Miami Spice menu is relatively straightforward, available seven days a week for both lunch and dinner, which is earns bonus points right off the bat in my book. On the dinner side, for $39 per person, guests can enjoy a 3-course prix fixe menu with selections from two appetizers, three main courses, and three desserts.

The first appetizer option is Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio with truffle balsamic glaze, crispy shallots, micro greens, and a genius gazpacho sorbet. The tomato on tomato on tomato is refreshing and very welcoming. The second appetizer is Hamachi Sashimi with avocado, breakfast radish, orange, and chili yuzu dressing. Similar to the tomato dish, this is a solid starter that offers a bright bite to kick off the meal.

Thankfully, both appetizers and on the lighter side because the main course options are definitely more in the vein of traditional, heavy steak house fare. Speaking of which, the entree choices consist of Seafood Bouillabaisse chock full of shrimp, clams, branzino, and saffron potatoes, a super moist Roasted Half Chicken with bourbon maple dust, rosemary, and lemon preserves, and Grilled Flat Iron Steak with black garlic chimichurri, bone marrow custard, and a side of barbeque corn.

Save room my friends, because we still have dessert waiting for us. Honestly, that’s one of the hardest parts of Miami Spice dining – pacing yourself to make sure you make the most of the sweet treats at the end of the meal. In the case of BLT Prime, we have three more relatively heavy (albeit delicious) dishes to choose from: 3 Leches with strawberries and meringue, Chocolate Pot de Cremè with raspberries and mint chantilly cream, and Tiramisu with coffee mousse and chocolate spongecake.

Standout dish: One of the nicest parts of the BLT Prime Miami Spice dining experience is the bonus food offerings that come with it — complimentary! Best of all? The absolutely amazing, world renowned Popovers. I know what you’re thinking… “Really? With all that deliciousness you just described, you’re telling us that the bread course is your standout?” Well, yes, yes I am. And if you’re anything like me (a ride or die carb lover), you’ll fall head over heels for these puffy, fluffy bundles of breaded bliss. Behold their beauty…

Are we boozing? While there are no specific drink specials to accompany the Miami Spice menu at BLT Prime, it’s my belief that the money saved on these meals should 100% be re-invested in at least one cocktail or a glass of wine.

Check this place out if you like: taking advantage of a classic steakhouse dining experience at a portion of the cost. Similar Miami Spice menus (based on past experience) include Red, The Steakhouse and Bourbon Steak.

Mitch’s take: While not necessarily revolutionary, the Miami Spice dinner at BLT Prime provides a classic, consistent steakhouse quality meal. And for only $39, it’s a deal that makes it just easy enough to ignore the hotel’s namesake as you walk through the door – at least for one night.


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