The wheels on the bus go round and round

I embarked on the Miami Brew Bus tour on a Sunday Funday with boyfriend in tow and high expectations. The absolutely perfect 70-degree weather gave us false hopes that we were invincible and that a full day’s consumption of beer would somehow be justified. Needless to say, we drank too much beer (responsibly, of course) and were right in thinking our day of playing tourists in Miami would be a total hit.

Quick back story: the Miami Brew Bus was conceived when three amigos (Cecilia Barmon, her fiancée David Rodriguez and Matthew Kuscher, the owner of LoKal Miami) were enjoying a few cold ones and pondering Miami’s booming direction of craft beer. Together, the three conceptualized and executed the first highway to hops tour with the mission to further the craft beer movement and bring more awareness to Miami’s latest culinary boom. Bravo kids, job well done.


We started off the journey at the awesome beer & burger hangout, the above mentioned (and below pictured) LoKal. If you haven’t checked it out, you must. They have awesome burgers on their menu and an impressive beer list. We had a few beers at spot number one and then headed to spot number two in Oakland Park. Yeah, that’s right, Miami to Broward. Not to worry though, since tours take place on Saturday and Sunday it was a quick ride with snacks provided.

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A two-hour stop at Funky Buddha was the first stop. The brewery tour was given by a high school teacher who outside the classroom indulges in all things beer. He was funny, witty and incredibly entertaining – on par with the superb quality of beer. After about 5 samples of beers, and two which I decided to purchase for recreational purposes, I munched on the Mexican food truck parked outside the brewery (you can find a full schedule of food trucks who will be on premise on their website) and got back on the bus for stop number two: Wynwood Brewery.


IMG_0129   IMG_0132

Unapologetically, I fell asleep on the bus ride to Wynwood. The 30-minute drive was a bit much for the beer tastings I gulped at Funky Buddha. Side note, I’ve been self-diagnosed with benign narcolepsy. Upon arrival we noticed that Wynwood brewery was significantly smaller, a little more inviting and overall reminiscent of the neighborhood it calls home: playful, artistic and cool. You’ll also get a tour at Wynwood Brewery and a tasting of beer on tap. I highly recommend La Rubia , the lightest beer available that has a memorable refreshing and crisp taste. Full warning, I’m a light beer girl.



Mel’s recommendation: I’m a big fan of this concept and would recommend a group hop on the bus extravaganza and make it a day of boozin’ and crusin’ (the whole tour is approximately 5 hours.) Price is $60 a pop, but its really fun and probably worth the splurge. You may want to get a few more brews in while brewery hopping, (if you’re anything like me) so factor that in when totaling costs. For more details, feel free to check out their website here:




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