Macaron Madness

By Caitlin Marino

Miami, amongst other U.S. cities, has recently developed an exciting interest in one of my favorite French delicacies – the macaron. Maybe because we crave to experience a piece of a nostalgic European trip or simply want to know what it would be like to taste true Parisian cuisine. Either way, I couldn’t be happier to see the macaron obsession make its way into Miami’s culinary scene. Le Macaron is leading the French pastry expansion across South Florida and recently opened its sixth location in a charming kiosk station in Dolphin Mall’s food court. I headed over on a recent Monday to check it out and reward myself for making it through the worst day of the week.

Le Macaron_1

Le Macaron_4

Le Macaron_13

Upon arrival, I met with the lovely Alexia, owner of the Dolphin Mall location, who walked me through the various and equally delicious flavors that are available at her location. Aside from their ample assortment of macarons, Le Macaron also offers various types of French goodies, like gelato, coffee, croissants, eclairs, and fine chocolates. Alexia noted that one of the ways Le Macaron stands apart from its competitors is that all of their macaron offerings are made from scratch, using gluten free ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavors. Needless to say, I convinced myself it was a relatively healthy dessert and didn’t feel any remorse after having more than a few. While I definitely could have made space for all 20 available flavors of macarons, I went for the following and have nothing but two thumbs up to give for all!

Le Macaron_30

Le Macaron_25

Le Macaron_34

Le Macaron_29

Le Macaron_26

Le Macaron_28


Caitlin’s take: This is a no brainer and total win for me. Who doesn’t love macarons?! Additionally, Le Macaron’s macarons can serve as the perfect gift for any occasion and are beautifully presented in either an elegant gift box in sets of six or impressive tower that can hold anywhere between 30 and 200 macarons. Goodbye, birthday cake. Hello, macaron tower!

Le Macaron_18

Le Macaron_23

Standout dish: The rose macaron has always been one of my favorite flavors, and Le Macaron’s rendition does not disappoint. Also, I was surprised to try for the first time (and really liked) the violet gelato! It had a very unique flavor and is something definitely worth trying if you’re interested in adventuring into something new.

Le Macaron_22

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