Kappa Rolls + Bowls Keeps Things Good + Simple

By Caitlin Marino

Located in North Miami near the Biscayne Bay FIU campus, I checked out the newest player in the “build your own meal” field: Kappa Rolls + Bowls! Very similar to Chipotle, for example, the concept is, as the name suggests, a variety of rolls and bowls that can be totally customized. From the type of rice and protein included to the toppings and dressing, it’s all up to you.


Not into DIY-ing your food? The menu also features “Famous Rolls,” which include eight traditional (read: starter sushi) rolls such as the California Roll, as well as myriad of beverages like sake, wine, beer, and juices to complement your meal.


I decided to start out with a few of the Famous Rolls. The quality of the ingredients all seems to be very fresh.


Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll: tuna, cucumber, scallions, masago


Kappa Special Roll: salmon, crab salad, cream cheese, mango


Spider Roll: soft shell crab tempura, asparagus, avocado, scallions

I’d suggest exploring some of the sauces included in the condiments bar to bring the taste to the next level. By far, my favorite was the Kappa sauce which is a combination of rice vinegar, soy sauce, salt, garlic, olive oil and onion.

As a bonus, all rolls come with the choice of two sides: salad, fried rice, steamed rice, quinoa or miso soup. I went with my favorites: miso soup and green salad.



From there, I went ahead and built my own custom bowl with brown fried rice as the base and octopus as the protein. I could immediately recognize the garlic butter used in the fried rice, which was a great plus!


Believe it or not, Kappa is a Brazilian brand, so of course they had brigadeiros for dessert. Totally random, but extremely delicious, it was great to end my meal with a locally made, lemon version of this traditional Brazilian dessert.



Caitlin’s take: If you’re on a budget, you can’t beat a combo that features a roll and two sides for less than $10. This is an ideal option for students studying at FIU’s Biscayne Bay campus who might be looking for affordable lunch options in the area or someone looking for a quick, fresh meal on the go during their workday or weekend.

Standout dish: I loved the idea of being able to completely tailor my meal. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend my exact choice, because those are my preferences, but the possibilities are endless when you think about the combinations you can try between roll or bowl set up, protein type, rice selection, etc. I was also really impressed by the amount of both traditional and unique toppings and dressings that are included in the condiment bar.

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