Granier Bakery

Do you guys remember that question we ask chefs in our Chef’s Corner series, “If you can eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?” My answer is simple. Bread. I would eat bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner, unapologetically. In fact, this might be the first time I openly admit it, but sometimes at restaurants I get more excited about the bread basket than the actual meal itself. My name is Melanie and I am addicted to bread.


When a bread addict like myself discoveres a winning bakery shop, we call it bliss. Granier Bakery is just that and it decided to open it’s first U.S. location in Miami. However, overseas it’s the Starbucks of Spain. Seriously, with more than 120 locations in Spain, Granier also has plans to open outposts in the near future in London, Rome and Budapest. Have we piqued your interest yet?




Maybe the ludicrous selection of amazing pastries will reel you in. As the authority of bread in Spain (did I mention I love bread?) Granier has premier bread and pastries all led by a genius French chefs behind the scenes. On any given morning, you’ll find a line of enthusiastic customers that goes beyond the small shop’s vicinity and pours outside and around the door. All in hopes that they can get ther pretty little hands on some of the freshly baked croissants. Other treats include favorites like Apple Tarts and Pockets, Butter Palms, Chocolate Danishes, Chocolate Pretzels, Napolitana Chocolates, Windy Flutes, Snekens, Twist Chocos, Raspberry Crowns and many, many more.



The other highlights of this bread mecca? The specials. They have deals to lock you in like “Buy Any 3 Pastries and Get 1 Free” or “Get 10 Frech Croissant for $10 dollars.” #yaaaaas



To go along with your pastries, you’ll have to look into their deliciously bold and comforting coffee drinks. From favorites like lattes and Miami’s cortaditos to hot chocolates and frappucinos. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for freshly squeezed juices? Yup, Granier has those too. Choose from a wide selection of fresh juices or maybe just go full blown European and order your lunch at Granier with a nice glass of wine. This little spot also has Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet to go along with your bread selections. Beer lovers you can rejoice too. Choose from a selection of four beers (including Spanish favorite Mahou) and drink to your heart’s content.




Apart from stepping outside the traditional parameters of pastries and coffee, this little gem offers things like quiches, sandwiches, and gluten free cookies among many more. So that saying, there’s something for everyone, takes on a whole new meaning around here.





Last but not least is the impressive array of breads that are available including Austrian Bread, Russian Bread, Barcelona Yogurt & Spelt Bread, Focaccia, Country Bread, Lisbon Corn Bread, German 5 Cereal, 7 Cereal Bread, Organic Breads, Sweet Challah, Ciabatta, Latin Bread, Prague Bread and many more. These guy are masters at bread. But if it’s the bread that you’re interested in, make sure to come in early since it’s a favorite and shelves will start to look empty by mid morning.




Given the shop’s proximity to hotels, it’s already a hit with tourists. A quick look at their Trip Advisor ratings and you’ll find this is a favorite among out-of-town guests. My sincere hope is that it establishes the same following with locals.


Mel’s Take: I realize this is nowhere near the “cool” bourgeoning culinary Miami scene, but it’s worth the diversion in zip codes. At the very least, do your best to stop by when you find yourself in this part of town, or tell your friends to check it out. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Besides, Fourbucks (aka Starbucks) can use a break sometimes.


Mel’s Recommendation: Have the croissants. You’ll have a multitide to try and no, I don’t have just one in particular that I recomend. It’s the chef’s magic with all pastries that really stands out. Try one, try two, try them all!



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