GK Bistronomie Puts Art and Flavor on the Plate in Wynwood

The Wynwood Arts District just got a little artsier with the arrival of the new GK Bistronomie. GKB is bringing food art to the neighborhood best known for its street art, offering visitors something to admire on the plate and savor on the palate.

GKB is a Peruvian-inspired restaurant with flares of Asian and other Latin cuisines. Helmed by acclaimed chef/owner and Peru native, Rafael Perez, the restaurant and bar has been making an impact during its first few weeks on the scene, providing the area with a much-needed, elevated dining establishment.



GKB’s menu features an array of artfully-plated dishes across five main categories: ceviches, tiraditos, salads, appetizers, and main courses. Of course, I couldn’t help but sample a few from each section on my recent visit.


Of course, I started out my meal with a ceviche. Instead of going the traditional route, however, I opted for the Asian Seafood, which brought a towering mix of yellowfin tuna, salmon, Key West pink shrimp, octopus, calamari, and scallions swimming in a pool of tangy and spicy Asian sauces.


On the tiradito side, I went a little more classic with the Octopus. This dish was relatively bland in terms of presentation (at least compared to the other dishes), but it certainly was not bland in flavor. I loved how the grilled octopus terrine paired with the aged balsamic, piquillo peppers, chives, garlic, and botija olives for a deliciously sweet and briny bite.


There are a lot of exciting dishes on the appetizer menu, but I’m a sucker for foie gras and will basically order it any chance I get. So when I saw it being offered in the form of an empanada, I was definitely intrigued. The Foie Gras Empanadas are served in a cute little cast iron container and are a perfect app to share. With four to an order, everyone will be able to share in the flakey pies filled with Hudson Valley foie gras, Campari onion marmalade, and topped with anise seeds. Or you can eat them all yourself as I may or may not have done. #dontjudge

When it came to the entrees, I honestly couldn’t decide between the Scallops or the Lamb so… I ordered them both!


The Scallops was honestly one of the prettiest dishes I’ve seen in a while, in terms of plating. It may not be super interesting or shocking, but there was something about the look of the plate and the way it represented the flavors that came across while eating that excited me. Or maybe it was just the slam dunk combination of pan seared scallops, corn puree, lime, cilantro, red onion, aji limo, and crispy Prosciutto that got me all hot and bothered.


On that meat tip, I opted for the Lamb. I mean, who doesn’t love a big hunk of fall-off-the-bone meat every now and again? I personally loved the tang that the braised lamb shank got from the onion salsa and aji amarillo chicha de jora (aka moon shine) sauce, which also paired nicely with the navy beans and rice that were served on the side.


For dessert, I went for the Nutella Mousse because, well, Nutella. Creamy, chocolatey, and nutty, it was surprisingly not too heavy or overly decadent and served as a nice end to a pretty spot on meal.

Finally, it must be mentioned that the cocktail menu at GKB is as equally impressive as the food menu. Once again finding its roots in Peru while incorporating global influences, it includes a unique selection of handcraft pisco infusions and some modern takes on more classic cocktails, craft beers, and a thoughtfully curated wine list.



I tried the Yerba Tonic (Porton pisco, Bulgarian lavender, Genepe des Alps, dill, and cucumber), which kind of reminded me of a Gin & Tonic…just soapier. More to my liking was the Old Fashioned-y Lime Redemption (Redemption Rye, orange-infused pisco, fresh squeezed lime, strawberry, all-spice, black pepper, dill, and spearmint).

Mitch’s take: GKB is a welcome addition to Wynwood, adding a more upscale dining experience in an accessible and non-pretentious environment. The menu is tight and cohesive, with just enough variety to please any diner.

Standout dishes: I found the tiraditos more interesting than the ceviches here so, if you have to choose one, I would recommend the Octopus Tiradito. For the appetizers, the Foie Gras Empanadas – DUH! And for an entree, the Scallops, to me, represented the best marriage of flavor and plating.

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