Fooq’s Fabulous Brunch

I professed my love of Fooq’s dinner in our Best of 2015 round up and praised not only the food but also the cozy and cool ambience. I was pretty stoked when they announced that they would be serving brunch on Saturday’s under the helm of the restaurant’s new chef, Bryan Rojas.

During the holidays, Mitch and I took a weekend to catch up on the family madness going on in our lives and bond over the new brunch menu at Fooq’s to give us the strength needed to survive the holidays.

Fooq's Brunch_2

After easily settling into a little cozy corner at Fooq’s, we dove straight into our first dish embarrassingly quickly, the Choripapa – chorizo (sausage) and hand cut fries. This heavy but delicious treat is the type of brunch plate you want to have on your cheat day or after a serious night of one too many cocktails. It’s the type of fatty dish that is so damn good, you’ll justify every calorie.

Fooq's Brunch_7

We also tried the Croque Monsieur with shaved turkey, raclette (semi-firm cow’s milk cheese) and béchamel (white sauce made from a white roux and milk.) Fooq’s manages to add a great spin to this dish, which at its essence is simply a ham and cheese sandwich. With the choice of the turkey, raclette cheese, and the buttery taste of the mother sauce of French cuisine, béchamel, you’ve got yourself a total winner with this Croque Monsieur. Also, take note that it’s large enough to share or to keep all to yourself since you’ll fall in love as soon as you bite in.

Fooq's Brunch_9

We wanted to end our international cuisine tour at Fooq’s with something sweet, so we tried the French Toast with macerated berries, toasted almonds, spiced chantilly cream and buttered maple syrup. It was an upgraded, slightly sophisticated version of the french toast you might get at a nearby joint, and it lived up to all its elegance.

Fooq's Brunch_11

It should be noted that throughout the meal we sipped on both White and Rosé Sangrias. What can I say? It was a tough Saturday for us.

Fooq's Brunch_5

Although we didn’t have space to try the whole menu (we shared those three dishes are were beyond stuffed,) there were dishes like the Duck & Foie Hash with roasted peppers, sweet onions and sunny side up egg and Carbonara Pasta that we will most definitely be back to try during our next brunch excursion.


Mel’s take: I continue to thoroughly love this little space in Miami. Their menu doesn’t have anything extraordinary per say, but I celebrate its ability to stand strong and unapologetically be true to its own eclectic self. I’ll continue to bloviate about every inch of Fooq’s and with a brunch menu in tow, you’d be a fool not to run out and make this a must weekend stop. Also, they have the cutest new outdoor space that would be perfect for brunch in the coming weeks with the cooler weather, proving once again how cool this little restaurant is.

Fooq's Brunch_4

Fooq's Brunch_3

Standout dish: Everything was pretty darn good. I guilty loved the Choripapa since it was reminiscent of a Colombian breakfast item that I would maybe eat after going too hard on a Friday night. The Croque Monsieur was the complete opposite, light and refreshing but equally as memorable. I’d probably gobble this up a few times a week if I could.

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