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The Hungry Post has been around the blogging block for a while now. Founded by Andrea Becerra, Alejandra Cangas, and Jose “Baby” Loor back in 2011, the blog has since grown into a full-blown network of foodie fun that includes a regular newsletter, special events, and restaurant consulting. In fact, they have been so successful that Andrea is able to dedicate 100% of her time to The Hungry Post. Yes, that’s right, food blogging has become her full-time career! #dreamjob

 We recently met up with the OGs of the Miami food scene for a few (read: four) pizzas at Stanzione 87 in Brickell to get to know them a little better and, hopefully, pick up a few pointers. Read below to learn what their Miami staple restaurants and bars are, if they have any hobbies besides eating, and why they don’t like the word “foodie” (gasp!). Oh, and be sure to be on the lookout for their new-look website later this summer.

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What is your favorite thing about Miami?
Our favorite thing about Miami is probably the first thing that happens when we arrive at the airport… No one speaks English and everyone just blabs on Spanish. Oh, and the way it smells. There’s something about the smell of Miami that resonates.

What are your top 3 Miami restaurant/bar picks?
This is always a hard question, but, at the moment, we are really digging what NIU Kitchen and Proof Pizza & Pasta are doing. However, Oasis Café is our all-time favorite.

For bars: We always love The Room, and sometimes fine our way over to The Corner or The Broken Shaker on weekdays to avoid the weekend crowd.

Which Miami neighborhood best personifies you?
We have this fixation and fascination for 8th Street. We’re not sure if it can fully be considered a neighborhood, but we just can’t get enough what happens there. From the food to the people, it very much exemplifies what we love about Miami.

Other than Miami, what foodie city would you like to live in?
Easy, NYC. It’s the Mecca.

How did you get into blogging?
We always loved eating and we always loved talking about where we ate. So we just kind of thought why not put it in writing? And, boom, it just never stopped from there.

Describe your blog in three words.
Sassy. Unconventional. Storytelling.

How do you stay informed about the Miami food scene?
Driving around – literally.

What is your foodie motto?
“We aren’t just about what’s in…” We are about what’s in and good, and sometimes what’s good isn’t exactly in. So mainly, if what you want is to know good food and where to find it, then we’re pleased to meet you.

What are some of your non-food-related hobbies?
Traveling is a big one although we associate it with food always. We wish we could say something cool like candle making or lego building or even collecting comic books, but food is really it.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Whatever we say is going to sound cheesy, but we wouldn’t mind just eating our way through life.

Which talent would you most like to have?
We kind of wish we could ice skate. We know, its weird.

If you only could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
If it’s one food item: avocado. If it’s one cuisine: Lebanese. We couldn’t pick just one dish; that would be cruel.

Who is your favorite chef and why?
That’s hard to say, but David Chang is cool. He is just so unapologetic.

What food trend are you most into right now and what food trend would you most like to go away?
We dig the green movement. Mostly because we hate working out, so from time to time we’ll eat green. A trend that we would want to go away is the word “foodie.” And don’t even get us started on why.

Do you cook? If so, what’s your favorite dish to prepare?
We really respect the kitchen, which means we don’t enter it often. We’re more about observing and seeing what’s going on. We could watch kitchen action from a distance forever.

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Cheers to our #FoodieFriends and their own great adventure around our city!

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