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Sara Liss is a Miami-based freelance journalist, who has pretty much done it all. She has worked as a journalist in the Middle East, reporting for the Associated Press Jerusalem Bureau and Time Out Istanbul, she was the co-founder and editor for UrbanDaddy Miami, and she regularly contributes articles related to the Miami dining and design scenes to local and national publications. She has been published in Miami Modern Luxury, 944 Magazine, The Miami Herald, miami.com, Florida Travel + Life, Home Magazine, and About Travel, among others. She’s also the co-founder of the Saffron Supper Club, a roving pop-up dinner club exploring the food and culture of the Middle East.

To us, Sara has been a #FoodieFriend to us in the truest sense of the word. Over the past year or so, we’ve gotten to know her as she’s invited us to various food-related events around town. Whether it be happy hour at STK, a Flywheel ride followed immediately by a workout-canceling meal at Oishi Thai, or a pizza making session at Bocce, whenever Sara is around we know we’re going to have a good time. Not only that, she’s also a great mentor and just an all-around nice person.

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We recently bumped into her at the opening of the new Apeiro in Midtown and took some time to pick her brain a little about what makes her tick.

What is your favorite thing about Miami?
That it’s such fertile ground for entrepreneurs and self-starters. If you want to do something down here, it’s possible. It’s a city brimming with optimism.

What are your top 3 Miami restaurant/bar picks?
Makoto is always excellent, whether for a power lunch or dinner with friends (and my kids love it). Ironside Pizza because not only is the pizza great, but I love that big open courtyard surrounded by workshops and creativity (plus it’s BYOB!). And Mandolin captured my heart the day they opened and the love affair continues to this day.

Which Miami neighborhood best personifies you?
I really like the Purdy Ave/Sunset Harbor hood. After I hit Flywheel I usually cancel out all the calories I’ve burned with a croissant from True Loaf and then a few power meetings at Panther Coffee. It’s convenient and not overly-hip.

Other than Miami, what foodie city would you like to live in?
Tel Aviv! I’ve lived in Jerusalem but never really spent enough time exploring Tel Aviv’s food scene. I recently traveled there with MyCeviche chef Sam Gorenstein and realized how diverse the dining scene is there and how there’s an amazing array of markets and little hole-in-the-wall spots.

How did you get into blogging writing?
I’ve always been a writer, from personal journals in grade school to essay contests in high school. I majored in English Literature in college and then went to work as a freelance reporter, first at Time Out Istanbul and then at the Associated Press Jerusalem Bureau. When I got back to the States I started getting more interested in covering food culture and started blogging and in 2008 I launched the Miami edition of UrbanDaddy which really focused me on the food scene here. Gigs contributing to The Miami Herald and other locals pubs followed.

Describe your blog writing style in three words.
Pithy, Knowing, Sassy

How do you stay informed about the Miami food scene?
By having a well-curated social media feed and reading the various blogs and food sites like Eater and Short Order.

What is your foodie motto?
Put an egg on it.

What are some of your non-food-related hobbies?
Yoga, Flywheel (so necessary after all those media dinners!), building legos with my kids.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Being at peace with the present moment, no matter where/what it is.

Which talent would you most like to have?
Musical talent. Can’t play any instruments and always wanted to.

If you only could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Fresh fruit.

What food trend are you most into right now and what food trend would you most like to go away?
So into vegetables and the push towards making the first round of dishes into mezze-style starters with plenty of veggie preparations. Would love the super-fatty fried food “this is why you’re fat” style of food porn/food blogging to take its final swan song.

Do you cook? If so, what’s your favorite dish to prepare?
Yes I cook! Love making Persian and Middle-Eastern food like rice, stews and grilled meats. I also love experimenting with my ice cream maker and coming up with unusual flavors like basil and cardamom ice cream.


Cheers to our #FoodieFriends and their own great adventure around our city!

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