Foodie Friday

Hi foodies! We took some time off earlier this week for obvious reasons with Irma making an unwanted appearance in our beloved Miami. We’re slowly, but surely trying to get back into our regular programming and it’s our hope that you too are starting to find some normality in your routines. Most importantly, we hope that your families and your homes were spared from any harm.

Some people like to talk bad about our city, but we like to think that we’re the best in the country. No one is really from Miami, and yet we’re all from the Magic City. We come together to help each other regardless of nationality, language, age, etc. We’re there for each other in tough times and we rebuild. And what’s even more impressive is that this all happens with the magic of a cafecito or a pastelito. We wouldn’t change home for any other place in the world and we’re just lucky to share it with foodies like you! We leave you with a few fun foodie links from around the web to help you plan for a much better weekend than the last. Enjoy!

Why aren’t more people talking about Fennel? (via Zoe Report)

14 restaurants worth a day trip from Miami. (via Eater) 

How to drink your way through Wynwood. (via Time Out) 

Julia Child stories you’ve never heard before. (via Tasting Table) 

Panther Coffee introduces coffee-infused wine and we’re not sure how to feel about this. (via WSVN)

How much water should you drink while exercising? (via CNN)

And at last, here’s an Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse recipe to try out this weekend. (via Food 52)

Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!

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