Foodie Friday

Hey there, foodie friends. It’s officially Fri-yay which means we’re celebrating the weekend. We’re still waiting for the Miami fall breeze to kick-in, but we’ll take the drop in humidity any day. Do you have any fun foodie plans this weekend? Mel is hanging out and laying low since she’s almost 9 months pregnant, while Mitch is getting ready to travel the Caribbean for business. Who is getting the better end of the stick here? We hope you guys have an amazing weekend with some foodie adventures sprinkled in. To help jump start the few days of relaxation, we leave you with some fun foodie links. Enjoy!

Where to find great bowls of Ramen in Miami. (via Eater)

Pumpkin bread with a twist. Because fall. (via A Cup of Jo) 

Impressive, but easy cookies for Halloween. (via Mom Filter) 

A NYT guide on how to eat spicy food. Umm yes, please. (via NYT)

Three simple tips for the best at home pizza. (via Cupcakes & Cashmere) 

How to throw a large dinner party without losing your mind. Count us in! (via Style Me Pretty) 

This might change your life. How to make a croissant loaf. You’re welcome. (via Food 52)

This is a croissant loaf roll. Recipe lives at the end of this article!

Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!

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