Foodie Friday

Foodies everywhere, feel free to rejoice. Today we celebrate the first Foodie Friday of November, which basically means the Mecca of American holidays is very close – Thanksgiving. It’s an unforgiving day for those of who love to eat. There are very few things that will ever top food, family and friends – in no particular order, of course. As we begin to celebrate the month that officially kicks-off the holidays, we leave you with our first November foodie link pack and encourage you to dream up the holiday feasts that will soon arrive. How blessed are we? Enjoy!

If you still have Halloween candy around. here’s the official guide to trading it. (via YouTube) 

Move over Starbucks. Here are the best coffee shops in America. (via Time Out)

This made us laugh. Moms everywhere pack the perfect lunch. (via The Onion) 

If you love noodles. This is your dream app. (via Swiss Miss) 

Here are some healthy hacks to help you keep your sanity during the gluttonous holiday season. (via Mid Body Green) 

This spinach and feta quiche looks divine. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere) 

Is it too early for Thanksgiving recipes? This will make you a hit at Thanksgiving dinner. (via Brit + C0) 

The upcoming Seed Wine Food & Wine Festival celebrates conscious, sustainable plant-based living. If it’s true that “you are what you eat,” you’ll probably want to check this one out. Your body will thank you. (via Seed Food & Wine Festival)


Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!

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