Foodie Friday

On this edition of Foodie Friday, we welcome the month of March. It’s the time of year when Spring Breakers flock to our city in search of sun or Ultra (one is bound to be the target.) While the rest of the country starts to look forward to warmer days, we pretty much look forward to March 17, when we can justify another eating and drinking holiday. While we aptly prepare for the celebrations to come, we leave you with our Friday link pack from around the web to kick-start the month with food on your mind. Enjoy!

How to make gorgeous looking scones. (via a Cozy Kitchen)

Be the coolest adult in town by learning how to make edible rocks. (via Oh Happy Day)

Next time you’re at a restaurant, sit at the bar. (via Kottke)

Is this real life? (via The World’s Best Ever)

This salad makes me us want to break up with carbs. (via Hither & Tither)

The Mexican breakfast we can make over and over again. (via Brit.Co)

These pancakes are a close second to every day breakfast. (via Design Fest)


Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!

Mitch & Mel

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