Foodie Friday

It’s July 17 and we’ve officially made our way past the middle of the month. This week was pretty anticlimactic with the exception of a Miami Spice Tasting that we can’t wait to share with you and the arrival of our White Girl Rosé.  As big fans of the TheFatJewish, we can’t wait to indulge in all things trashy and rosé. We’ll let you know if the wine is any good (totally irrelevant, since we’re just big fans of said Jew.) Are you guys as excited about anything in particular as we are about our damn wine? It’s the little things we tell you! If you aren’t, then maybe some of our fun foodie links for the week will get you off your feet. Enjoy!

All the secrets you need to brew the perfect Iced Tea. (Via Bon Appetit)

Proper Seasoning. It makes all the difference. (Via The Miami Herald)

Hipster food that we’re still not sure how to eat. (Via Looking

Are you hosting visitors from out of town in Miami this summer? Well here’s a list of the top 10 restaurants with best views. You’ll be the coolest host around. (Via Miami Eater)

Recipe for a S’more Pudding Pie that you really, really need to try. Asap. (via

14 things you didn’t know about Sushi. Look cool the next time you use your chopsticks. (via Thrillist)

Art and Coffee collide and it’s a wonderful, beautiful thing. (via Honestly WTF)


Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!

Mitch & Mel

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