Foodie Friday – Super Bowl Edition

This special edition of Foodie Friday is dedicated to America’s most gluttonous guilty pleasure, the Super Bowl.

On this ‘holy’ Sunday, we tend to have our own sacred championship of who-can-eat-more-junk-food-and-drink-more-beer. Here at MMTM, we’re up for the challenge and welcome you to join in on the fun. Full warning, it probably won’t be a glorious Monday, but it in our book, that’s usually a touchdown weekend.

Tips from a Chef on how to throw the best Super Bowl party in town. (via Epicurious)

A round up of food that should never make it to a Superbowl party menu. Made us laugh. (via the Huffington Post)

There’s a new Jelly Bean in town that you might want to bring to the big fiesta. Thoughts?  (via Parade)

MMTM has a Super Bowl Pinterest board,  if you’re looking for some fun ways to spruce up your game day party.  (via Pinterest)

Finally, this may not be food related, but it’s one of our picks for favorite Super Bowl commercial. We got chills. (via


Cheers to a foodie adventure (and a great game on Sunday!)

Mitch & Mel

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