Foodie Friday

Can anyone believe that January is officially over? While we’d like to get nostalgic about it we’re pretty stoked about all the wonderful things to come in 2016, including this weekend. We’ve been full speed with the Miami culinary scene the last few weeks since it’s officially in its high season. All kinds of cool places are popping up and we’re doing due diligence to check these out in order to share our highlight reel (and steer you in the right direction.)  While we continue to grub and justify it via our blogging duties, we leave you with our last Foodie Friday link pack of January. Enjoy!

We love this list of 52 things foodies should do for themselves this year. We’ll be sure to revisit the link often in 2016. (via Food 52) 

Mathematicians figure out how to cut a pizza in equal parts. We’re undecided about whether we like the verdict. (via Gizmodo) 

Perfecting the desk lunch. Great tips for all the busy foodies. (via Hither & Tither) 

The ultimate guide to half-priced wine in Miami. Thank you Eater! We love thee. (via Eater Miami)

15 things a dietician keeps in her pantry! (via Self) 

Cookies from around the world. Because cookies are delicious in every corner of the planet. (via Food 52) 


Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!

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