Foodie Friday

Welcome to the first Foodie Friday of 2018! The new year is upon us and usually that means resolutions that make their way into our life and seldom come to fruition. Our suggestion? Take small steps and don’t be too hard on yourself. Also, make sure to include some sort of foodie resolution because, let’s be honest, what’s the point otherwise? Whether it be trying a new recipe or going out to a new place, we hope you make some time for a foodie adventure in your life. As so, we leave you with the year’s first link pack to help you kick-start the year!

Restaurants’ newest trends are here! (via Tasting Table)

Easy lunch recipes to meal prep in 2018. (via Zoe Report)

Artichoke pizza on the fly. (via Dinner and A Love Story) 

Sheet pan meals to give you some 2018 inspiration. (via Design Crush) 

The richest self-made woman in the US is a pizza entrepreneur. (via T + L) 

Everyone is making these Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies. (via Bon Appetit) 

relaxing drink before bed time. Must try. (via NYT) 

Carol Sachs

Cheers to a foodie adventure this weekend!

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